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10 Ways For Beginners To Get Used To Using The Internet

The Internet is here to stay, and work from home moms more often than not will be using the Internet in one way or another, so if you’re a beginner Internet user, or you want to try making some extra income online, or you are afraid of using the Internet because you don’t know too much about it, do try and get used to using the Internet:

10 Ways for Beginners to Get Used to Using the Internet

1 )
If you don’t yet have an email address, open a free email account, like a gmail account – then use it to send an email, and tell a friend or family member to send you an email too.

2 )
Learn to attach a photo to your email, and send it to a friend, asking them to tell you if the image and email arrived at them in one piece, and if they could view the photo that you sent them.

3 )
Get a Facebook account – and spend a lot of time setting up your privacy settings, and learning how to get around Facebook – add some friends, “like” other Facebook members’ status updates or links, share your favourite ones, upload some of your images to Facebook, leave your own status updates, and just get used to getting around on a membership site.

4 )
Use Google to do different searches – take note of how typing in different search phrases – even related to just one main topic – gives you different search results.

5 )
Visit websites and explore more than just the homepage or page that you land on, using the navigation tabs on the sites.

6 )
Store your favourite sites into your favourites folder, and visit your favourite sites from time to time.

7 )
Download something free from the Internet to learn how to save what you download from the Internet – perhaps download a free computer game or a free image editing program.

8 )
Enjoy watching some YouTube videos and consider joining YouTube and uploading a few of your own videos.

9 )
Get involved in some forum discussions – try the fun sections of forums first, before you get involved in the more serious topics.

10 )
Leave comments on blog posts.

Once you are comfortable getting around on the Internet and with actually using the Internet, you can offer a wide variety of Internet related services (eg Internet research) and will also be more comfortable attempting to make money on some sites like online writing sites.

You may also want to start your own blog once you are more confident in getting around on the Internet (don’t rush into it; get used to using the Internet first). You can monetize your blog with ads and if you spend some time learning how to get lots of people to visit your site, and you work hard at it, your site may earn you a reasonable little extra income.

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