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15 Niche Blog Site Topic Ideas for Mom Bloggers

A niche blog site is a blog site that has content about one main topic only. Sometimes sub topics are included too, but to keep the blog a niche blog site, content that is not related to the main topic, or that is not related to the domain name of the blog, is avoided.

If you are a blogger (or want to be a blogger) who has many interests it may be tempting to write about all your interests on just one blog, but then it would not be a niche topic blog site. It is niche blog site topics that are being discussed in this blog post:

Why have a niche blog site?

One topic is discussed in concentrated format – it’s like drinking mix cooldrink without any water added – it may pack a super sweet powerful punch – for Search Engines like Google, for people searching for information related to the main topic on your blog site, and for you, the blog site owner.

Adding water (or adding pieces of writing about other topics) dilutes the effect.

If wanting to monetize your blog site with Adsense ads, you are more likely going to get a decent amount of ads showing up that relate to your main topic – when people visit your blog because they are interested in a lot of the content on it, the ads are more likely to interest them than if only some of the ads were related to your topics.

Also, if you offer a service or sell a product related to your main topic, more people may be interested in these services or products if the reason they visited your blog in the first place was because they were looking for information on topics related to those services products, than if they visited your site due to being interested in the unrelated content on your blog.

Have you seen sites where the site owner is trying to sell homemade wooden cars for boys but just about all the content on the site is about the best golf courses in the world? No. So if you’re trying to sell homemade wooden cars for boys write about homemade toys or cars for boys, or homemade wooden products for children. If you’re trying to sell golf club memberships or golf clubs then write about golf.

What to consider before starting a niche blog site?

Are people regularly searching for this kind of information, or is it only you that the main topic interests? – use a tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and check how many people per month are searching for topics that relate to your main topic. Also, on Google, start typing words that relate to your main topic and see what search terms start popping up for you.

How much can you write about the topic? Just 3 or 4 articles and then there’ll be nothing more to say? Or can the main topic have a wide variety of sub topics, and will you be able to look at the main topic from different and interesting angles (and write about them)?

How long will it take you to write blog posts (articles) about the main topic, and how frequently will you feel like writing new blog posts?

Will you need to do a lot of research first or can you “just write” because you already know a lot about the topic?

Can’t decide what to write about, or can’t think of things you already know quite a bit about? Then read on …

I’m not saying that the following 15 niche blog site topic ideas for mom bloggers contain words that lots of people are using the Internet to search for each month, but you could use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner and check, and these topic ideas should at least get you thinking of some ideas or topics of your own:

A recipe blog
You can cover a wide variety of recipes in your blog, or write about just puddings, just starters, just herbs, just soups, just braai recipes, just meals for toddlers – don’t include just the ingredients, recipes and procedures but also add in some tips or little stories too.

House cleaning
Stay at home moms usually have plenty of tips to recuce the time spend on house cleaning, or on what house cleaning products are less costly than others, or come in handier than others – also bear in mind that some people may need information or “how to’s” on very basic house cleaning chores as they may have just left home for the first time and may not have a clue about where to start when it comes to house cleaning of their own home!

Pregnancy and Birth blog
Detail your own experiences of what happened, keep an online diary of what’s happening, and give tips that you think may help other pregnant or new moms because they’re things that helped you.

Parenting tips blog
What do you know now that you are a parent that you didn’t really know much about before? Tell others what you know, give tips and advice. You could target any parent or just parents of toddlers, parents of tweens, or parents of teens.

Gardening blog
Cover all topics, or make your site more of a niche blog by covering only herbs, flowers, growing your own vegetables or fruit trees, landscaping, decorating gardens, or caring for gardens.

Interior design and decorating
Tips on making your home beautiful

What products do you enjoy using, what do you do with the products, where do you get them from?

Crafts blog
Tips and how to’s on a wide variety of crafts, or concentrate on just one craft – scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, making ornaments, making jewellery, making cards or gift bags, making toys

Hobbies blog
Tell others all about your hobby, and offer tips and how to’s – photography, art, flower arranging, entertaining guests, exploring your hometown

Keeping fit
What do you do to keep fit? Offer tips.

Keeping healthy
What do you do to keep healthy? Offer tips.

Beauty and Grooming
Offer make-up tips, clothing choice tips

Saving Money
How do you save money? What are the little things you do to save money?

Work From Home blog
Give other people ideas and tips on how they too can work from home

Caring for other people
Tips on how to care for elderly parents, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, or even just tips on how to care for your friends, or information on how to get involved with charities or support groups

Niche blog site writing can be fun, particularly if you write about things you already enjoy doing – and then just imagine making money from writing about things you enjoy – that’s even more fun, and pretty cool. Good luck with your niche blog!

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