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25 Best Times to Attempt to Make Money Online

To make money online can take some time, and because you may first need to do a lot of reading, researching and learning about making money online, and because making money online often involves a bit (or a lot) of writing, when would it be best to attempt to make money online?

(or to work at increasing your online income after you have already started to attempt to make money online)

List of 25 Best Times to Attempt to Make Money Online

1 )
Before you quit your day job;

2 )
Before you matriculate, while your parents are still paying for your living expenses;

3 )
During your gap year after matric, while your parents are still paying for your living expenses;

4 )
Inbetween studying for a degree;

5 )
During your maternity leave;

6 )
During your weeks off from work so you can get a lot done in a shorter while;

7 )
When your wife or husband is earning enough to cover the entire family’s monthly living expenses;

8 )
When you want to earn some extra income;

9 )
When you have enough money saved up that could pay for your living expenses for at least a year, while you work at getting started making money online, and while you work at increasing the income you make online;

10 )
If you already have good spelling skills, already use good grammar, and already have a good command of the English language;

11 )
Once you have studied a bit about Internet or website advertising and Search Engine Optimization;

12 )
If you are already used to getting around on Facebook;

13 )
If you have a fairly fast Internet connection;

14 )
If you have plenty of Internet bandwidth each month;

15 )
If you are already fairly computer literate (can copy and paste, can store files and folders in places you can easily find them, can send an email with images attached, can re-size your images);

16 )
When you are already fairly Internet savvy (know how to open multiple tabs on your screen, know what a browser bar is, sometimes leave comments on people’s blog posts, know what Twitter is, have a Linkedin account, know what an affiliate is, understand the difference between paid search results and natural search results on Google, understand the difference between Adwords and Adsense, etc etc)

17 )
If you can force yourself to spend time reading and learning, and can avoid rushing headlong into anything without first learning more about it;

18 )
Early in the morning before anybody else is up so that you are interrupted less;

19 )
Late at night when everybody else is sleeping so that you are interrupted less;

20 )
When you are fit enough, healthy enough, and energetic enough to remain alert for long periods of time without taking a break;

21 )
When you can learn to say no (to friends who want to pop over while you are working, or to friends who want you to go out with them when you were going to work; or to family who take advantage of you being at home and ask you to run many errands when you would be working instead);

22 )
When you’re the type of person who doesn’t have a problem learning rules, and abiding by and sticking to those rules;

23 )
When you have a large amount of knowledge about a particular topic, or have a reasonable interest in a wide range of different topics, and when you enjoy speaking about and writing about those topics;

24 )
When your working chair is comfortable enough to keep you in it or on it for long periods of time without you getting stiff or sore or feeling uncomfortable;

25 )
If you are already a hard worker and the type of person who doesn’t give up easily.

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