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5 Free SEO Tips

There are many places online where you can find free SEO Tips, and most free SEO Tips are quite useful, but here we have for you our own free SEO Tips:

5 Free SEO Tips

Free SEO Tips – no.1

Before beginning your SEO work (or before hiring somebody to do your SEO work for you) check the organic search results of various phrases you can find within the main text areas of your site. In other words, go to a search engine like Google or Bing, type in a phrase found somewhere on a page of your site, and then see where your site comes up in natural search results. Page 1? Page 2? Page 20? and note the position too – eg about half way down page two of search results if there are ten search results per page, would be position 15.

Then, about 4 to 10 days after you’ve completed some SEO work (or somebody else has completed their SEO work for you) check the search results again, to see if or how much your site’s search results have improved.

How does this help you with your SEO efforts?
While checking for your own site’s search results, take note of (and write down or type up!) the predictive search phrases that start appearing when you type a search phrase into the search bar. Also take note of (and write down or type up!) the phrases that are in the search result descriptions of websites on page one and two of the search results (phrases that you don’t have on your own site) – it may well be worth checking the search volumes of these phrases in for eg the Google Adwords keyword tool, and if they have search volume, start thinking about how you could add these phrases into the text on your site – or write an entire new page for your site (or two or three or many) containing these phrases.

Free SEO Tips – no.2

Once you are done with some SEO work on your site, submit your site’s url to some Search Engines, including Google and Bing. Submitting your site’s url to search engines helps your site (or fresh changes you’ve made to your site) get indexed on Google (or on Bing or on other Search Engines) more quickly. Do not submit your site’s url more than once a month (or some Search Engines may view this as spamming, and may choose not to index your site at all), and there is often no need to submit the url of your site to Search Engines after the first time that you did.

Free SEO Tips – no.3

Off-page SEO: Although we ourselves don’t yet (June 2013) do too much of this for our own sites, and also don’t offer it as a service as we do on-page SEO, off-page SEO (linking from other sites to your own) can be pretty useful. Places to link to your site from include your FaceBook Page, your FaceBook wall/profile, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Get accounts at all these places; they’re all free to join.

If you use article submission sites, we recommend only EzineArticles.com

Other places to link to your site from can include a second site of yours for eg a free Blogger blog, forums (include your website link beneath your “signature” on forums you belong to, blogs in the comments area (fill in your website address and your name that you also filled in should be clickable) and on free classifieds or free advertising sites. But do try and link from sites or at least pages on those sites that contain content related to the content on your site.

Free SEO Tips – no.4

Don’t trust anybody that tells you that they guarantee that they will get you a first page natural search result – maybe they do, but for your domain name or phrases that don’t have search volume – a page one search result for a particular phrase means nothing if nobody uses that search phrase when looking for info on Google.

Also, if SEO specialists tell you that they guarantee you a Google page one search result for any particular search phrase – whether that phrase has search volume or not, how can you believe them? You may get lucky and it may actually happen that you get Google page 1 search results for a few of your keywords, or you may at least get slightly better search results than you had before, but how can you believe this sort of guarantee, when it’s basically impossible to give this sort of guarantee. If you have just 50 SEO specialists all promising their clients page one organic search results for one particular search phrase, where are all those guaranteed page 1 search resutls going to fit on page one of Google search results? There isn’t room for that many on page 1.

The only thing that you can do with organic SEO efforts is to do absolutely everything you can, and to do it properly, and to hope that your competitors aren’t doing as much as you are…

Free SEO Tips – no.5

Write and add lots of content to your site, regularly, also, if possible, and for best results, always adding a photo that has an image alt tag and title tag on it, too.

With Free SEO Tips all over the Internet, and many people happy to tell you their own SEO secrets, learning SEO and applying it to your own sites – or to the sites of your clients, perhaps – doesn’t have to be too difficult a thing- as long as you take the time to just read, learn, and do.

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