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9 Ways To Make Money from your Own Website

When thinking of ways to make money from your own website you must also think of ways to market your website, for without much marketing of your website, you won’t make much money. You will need lots of people to visit your website.

Also, your own website means that it is yours alone – a website with your own domain name and your own website hosting. Registering a domain is not expensive, and there are some good inexpensive hosting packages around. If you market your website well and put a lot of effort into your website, making money from your own website will more than cover the costs of your domain annual renewal cost, and your monthly or annual website hosting costs. The site itself doesn’t have to cost you anything – you can use a free WordPress theme choosing from over 1 000 free WordPress themes at WordPress.org

9 Ways to Make Money from your Own Website

Make money from your own website by selling a product from it:

– sell a physical product (or products) that you buy and re-sell, or that you make and sell:
Put pictures of the product or products on your website, write about the product, and take orders. Package and mail the items to your customers the old fashioned way – or if the customers are local, deliver the products yourself. Because of having to mail or deliver the products, think of selling lightweight and small items.

Make money from your own website by selling digital products from it:

– sell your own digital products that people can download, or that you can email to them:
Sell digital products like your own photos, your own graphics like website navigation buttons, website header banners, or website background images. Sell your own ebook; sell website templates.

Make money from your own website by offering services on it:

– offer just one service, or a variety of related services:
Depending on what you’re good at – or become good at once you have studied the topic a little more – describe your services on your website, and reply to those potential customers who contact you. Your services could be freelance related, where you do work on your computer for anyone in the world, or they could be services that you offer physically, where people might need to come to your home or business, or where you may need to go see them in person.

Make money from your own website by being an affiliate – display affiliate ads on your website:

– join one or more affiliate programs, and display their ads on your website:
Write articles on a particular topic, and display ads related to that topic on your site – or write on a variety of topics and display all sorts of affiliate ads on your website, but put specific ads on pages that have a topic relating to the product or website that you are promoting. You make money if somebody clicks an ad, visits the site the ad links through to, and when they buy something or do something on that site, like fill in a form.

Make money from your own website by displaying CPC or CPM ads on your site:

– join one or more CPC or CPM ad programs, ands display their ads on your website:
CPC is Cost Per Click and CPM is Cost Per Impression – you get paid certain amounts when people click the ads or when people just see the ad on the same page as one of your website’s pages.

Make money from your own website by selling or renting advertising space directly on it:

– get your very own advertisers to advertise on your site, paying you directly:
Have a look at what other websites are charging for advertising space on their website, see how much traffic they say their website is getting, and charge your own advertisers accordingly. People will send you a banner ad or text ad for you to put on your website, and they can pay for a month, or three months, or six months – whatever you prefer and that you think will be most appealing to potential advertisers.

Make money from your own website by promoting other people’s businesses on your website:

– charge for writing about other people’s businesses on your website:
Perhaps offer a variety of prices – less if they are providing the text content themselves, a bit more if you are writing the content for them – and more if they want quite a few words written, and even more if they’d like you to first do some keyword research and include words in your text that have search volume. Do not charge as much for this service if they don’t want a link to their own website than if they do want a link to their own website included in the text.

Make money from your own website by promoting the other places where you make money online:

– promote the places and pages of other sites that you use to make money:
Send people who visit your website to pages of other sites where you make money – write about those places and include a link to your profile page there, send them to your YouTube videos if your YouTube videos make you money, write a short summary of the content you’ve written on another site, and invite your users to visit the page if they want to read the whole article. Add RSS feeds to your website if the places you belong to have an RSS feed you can use that helps promotes your profile or your recent activity on that site.

Make money from your own website by using your referral links on it:

– promote the places you belong to that pay you for referrals:
Some places pay you for sending people to their site if they also sign up and become a member, and sometimes also pay you for the activity of your referrals. So write about the places you belong to like online writing sites, or stock photo sites, and include your referral link in your writing. If your website gets a lot of traffic you may not have to be all that active on some of the sites you belong to in order to make money – you can make money from the activity of others who sign up after they clicked your referral link.

Conclusion and Disclaimer:
It is easy to make money from your own website, BUT ONLY if you put in a lot of time and effort with your site and with the marketing of it.

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