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Baby Nursery Wall Stickers Educational Baby Mobiles Ideas

baby nursery wall stickers ideas

baby nursery wall stickers ideas

Baby nursery wall stickers can be used in other ways besides simply as baby nursery decor on walls. Baby nursery wall stickers can be used to create educational baby mobiles.

The educational baby mobiles can be hung above the baby’s cot, above the baby’s nappy changing or changing area, or above the baby’s play corner or play area of the nursery.

The baby’s play corner or play area should be big enough for both mom and baby to lie down next to each other, facing up, or at least big enough for mom to lie down on her back with her baby on her chest facing up at the hanging baby mobile. This play area baby’s mobile should be hung very low to the floor, but at the same time should be easily removable for when the baby sits up to play, to ensure that the baby does not get hurt bumping into the mobile.

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3 Ideas for Using Baby Nursery Wall Stickers to Create Educational Baby Mobiles

Educational Baby Mobiles Ideas number 1

Purchase or have a wooden block made, that has roughly 30cm sides. The wood should not be glossy so that wall stickers can stick to it nicely. Decorate the top and sides of the wooden block with baby nursery wall stickers of your choosing, perhaps to blend in with the rest of the baby nursery decor.

For the bottom side of the wooden block, however, choose educational baby nursery wall stickers. Hang this block up, and the baby has an educational baby mobile to look at! If the educational baby mobile is hung in the play area of the nursery, mom can lie with her baby and chat to her baby about the baby nursery wall stickers on the bottom side of the wooden block, point to the pictures or shapes, hold the baby’s hand up to the pictures, and generally just spend some time with her baby, educating her baby.

If the entire theme of the baby nursery decor is educational, or if the baby’s mom and dad don’t mind the baby nursery wall stickers on the wooden block clashing with the rest of the baby nursery decor, then they can stick baby nursery wall stickers on all six sides of the wooden block, and can turn the wooden block around from time to time, so that their baby can look at all the different sides while lying on his or her back.

Educational Baby Mobiles Ideas number 2

Still using wooden blocks, but this time several smaller ones, with smaller baby nursery wall stickers stuck on them, or perhaps on only some of them, simply leaving the other wooden blocks painted in certain matching colours or painted in different colours.

Educational Baby Mobiles Ideas number 3

Use either the single big wooden block or several smaller ones for your educational baby mobile, but instead of sticking different baby nursery wall stickers onto them, stick on chalkboard wall stickers instead, and draw the educational things you want your baby to look at or learn about – things like different coloured shapes, numbers, letters, and animals. Give the wooden block or wooden blocks a little shake away from the baby after drawing on the chalkboard wall stickers, so that no chalk dust falls into the baby’s face – or into your face if you’re lying with your baby looking at the baby nursery wall stickers on these educational baby mobiles.

A 4th idea thrown in for good measure

If your baby has a baby swing in the nursery, stick some baby nursery wall stickers to the underside of it, and you and your baby can lie with your faces under the swing to do your “lessons”. If the bottom of the baby swing is not a suitable surface for sticking on wall stickers, then stick the wall stickers onto something that is, and attach that to the bottom of the baby swing.

Combining education with wall stickers and baby mobiles is fun! Have fun just lying around with your baby looking at baby nursery wall stickers on your educational baby mobiles!

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