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Bead Shops in South Africa – Order Beads Online Rather Than Buy Beads in Person

While it is fun and handy to visit bead shops in South Africa and to buy beads in person – because you can see and touch the beads, and get them right away, it’s also really handy to order beads online in South Africa.

different colours coconut shell beads

different colours coconut shell beads

There are three online beads shops in South Africa that we ourselves have ordered beads from – more info about these three bead shops further below.

To pay for your beads order (from the three bead shops we mention further below) you can do an EFT, or email a photographed or scanned deposit slip to the bead shop after you’ve been to the bank to pay for your beads. Check with the bead shop owner what they would most prefer.

Why is it handy and fun to order beads online rather than visit bead shops in South Africa in person?

You can shop for beads online from the comfort of your own home. Nobody gets in your way while you’re looking at beads.

When shopping for beads online, you can also easily see the different types of beading products you may need for your beading all in one place, on a website, and can easily select which category of beads or beading or findings you’d like to look at, instead of struggling to find these exact places in a bead shop in person.

It often happens that ordering beads online costs less than buying the same amount of beads or beading supplies in person at bead shops in South Africa.

Sometimes the online bead shop owner will include a free gift in your bead order. It’s fun to get a little surprise in the package, and often the extra free beads can be used in your beading projects, or may give you some ideas for new beading projects, and you already have some beads to start on those projects.

A quick review of three online bead shops in South Africa that we have ordered beads, charms, wire, threading material and findings from:

The Bead Shop did not include a free gift in our order, but they have an incredibly wide range of beading products to choose from, and do offer discounts for large orders.

Beads For You has a reasonably wide variety of beads and beading stock, and they included a lovely surprise small gift in our order – a ribbon bookmark with two charms dangling from the ribbon.

The Bead Palace was particularly good at email communications relating to our bead order, and was helpful and friendly. The Bead Palace also included a better surprise free gift than Beads For You did, that was useful too – some tiny packets of beads, and two necklace pendants.

We have no idea how your dealings with these online South African bead shops have turned out, or will turn out. The review of these three bead shops in South Africa relates only to our own experiences with them. We were and are happy with all three of these bead shops.

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