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Blogging – What is Blogging?

Blogging is writing. Blogging always involves writing, but blogging can mean different things to different people, and can involve doing different things too.

The person who does the writing or blogging is called a blogger. I don’t see any reason to create a whole separate page for me to blog about what a blogger is since describing what blogging is also describes what a blogger is and what a blogger does. The content would be much the same as the content on this page.

A blogger blogs. While a blogger blogs, he or she is blogging. This could also be the same as saying a writer writes, and while a writer writes, he or she is writing, but blogging usually involves a little more than just writing.

Bloggers may blog for just one reason, or may blog for more than just one reason.

Even a person simply using part of their professional business website (or professional business blogsite) to write news or articles related to their business, is blogging.

Even a person keeping an online journal that they regularly update with news or photos of what is happening in their lives is blogging when they write or add that new content to their site.

Blogging to make money from that blogging is more involved:

Serious bloggers (or those trying to be) not only regularly write and add new content to their sites, but they put great effort into marketing their blogs in an effort to get lots of people to visit their blogs so that they can make money from having monetized their blogs. There are at least 7 different ways to monetize a blog with ads.

While website owners selling products or advertising their services on their websites also need to market their sites in order to get lots of people visiting them, and may also sometimes monetize their sites with a few adverts, their primary focus is selling their products or getting hired for their services. Making money from monetizing their site with adverts displayed on it is not their primary focus.

While serious bloggers may also sell their own products in a part of their site, and may also advertise some services they offer, their primary focus is not usually about their own products or services. Their primary focus is usually more about advertising the products or services of other people, and making money for their efforts of helping those advertisers get more customers or clients.

It stands to reason that the more bloggers market their blogs, the more people visit their blogs, the more people click the ads on their blogs (to visit the advertisers’ sites), the more money those bloggers can make. Serious bloggers (and successful bloggers) put a lot of time and effort into learning about the best ways to present their blogs, learning about what the best products or services to advertise on their blogs are, learning about what the best affiliate or advertising programs are, and learning about the best ways to get lots of people to visit their blogs.

So, what is blogging to a successful blogger (or to somebody who would like to be a successful blogger)?

Blogging is when somebody writes new material whenever they can or whenever they want to, regularly publishes that writing online on their own blog, monetizes their blog with adverts, and works hard at getting lots of people to visit their blog, so that they can earn from having monetized their blog with ads.

People can also say that they are blogging if they belong to an online writing site and are earning from the ads that are displayed on the same pages as the pages their writing is on, but with online writing sites one usually has to share those earnings with the writing site’s owners. There are both pros and cons to being active on an online writing site. Most of the more successful bloggers who blog on their own sites are not members at online writing sites, but may have started out at an online writing site.

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