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Bubblews Under Maintenance 7 September 2013 – oh no!

Not sure if it has been just a few minutes or if it has been all day that Bubblews has been showing a Bubblews Under Maintenance message. I logged in only a few minutes ago at about 6.45pm South African time, and the last time I logged in was at 5.20am this morning.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’VE LEFT THIS CONTENT HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT WAS, BUT THE BUBBLEWS SITE HAS CHANGED SINCE, AND EARNINGS RATES ARE NO LONGER AS HIGH AS THEY USED TO BE TOO. If you want ideas for working from home, have a look at our list of over 3000 ideas for working from home.

So Bubblews. may have been under maintenance for hours, or for just a few minutes. Their under maintenance message says they’ll be back online soon, so I hope it is back soon! Bubblews is addictive, and is also helping me earn some extra income.

I would have spent a good few hours on Bubblews today had Tony and I not gone to a craft market in Stutterheim, at Eagles Ridge Country House – where we had a lousy sales day – we made less than the R200 petrol and R50 stall cost, so ran at a loss. A financial loss, but not a total loss as I took some lovely photos of the stunning place, and we thorughly enjoyed being at Eagles Ridge even though we didn’t make much money selling our products. Eagles Ridge had a hippy / arty / Bohemian feel to it (or so Tony and I thought) – which I loved.

So, I have new things I can write about on Bubblews (and can earn money from that) but I can’t when the site is down for maintenance – I guess I could write some posts offline, and add them later, though.

I haven’t added any new posts to this site tant.co.za since last month – mostly due to being addicted to Bubblews, so I thought I’d just pour out my feelings and news here for a change – then I’ll probably get back to writing a few posts for publishing on Bubblews.

Okay so I’m not yet making a decent extra income on Bubblews – but many Bubblews members are (making a decent extra income at Bubblews), and I hope to be one of them as time goes by. Some members have been concerned about not getting their payments or waiting a long time before they get paid, while others are happy that they’re receiving their payments. but so far I’ve gotten both my redemptions (you “redeem” when you want to be paid by Bubblews) (as long as you have reached the minimum redemption amount of $25 (currently about R250)) – it took me almost a month before I could click the redeem button for the first time, but just 8 days later I was able to click the redeem button for the second time. I’m on my way to my third redemption, and hope to be able to reach it in less than 8 days this time, or at least in not more than 8 days. Bubblews come back soon!

Some (not too many) Bubblews members have been redeeming every second day! – that’s like R3 750 a month, South Africans. I think they spend a ton of time on the site, because even for my small Bubblews earnings I spend a lot of time there. Of course if one has many followers (called connections on Bubblews) on Bubblews, then maybe one doesn’t have to spend all that much time there – for every view of what one has posted, and for every like and comment one gets on what one posts on Bubblews, one earns! So it makes sense that if one has many followers on Bubblews, who like to read what you write, it is easier to earn more quickly on Bubblews.

You’re not going to get any or at least not many followers on Bubblews, though, if you never read, like, or comment on other folks’ posts. Why should somebody come and visit your pages to see if anything interests them if you never go and visit the pages of other Bubblews members?

Some quick basic tips if you have not yet joined Bubblews – or even if you are a newbie to Bubblews:

Follow the rules (found on “the bank” page once you are a Bubblews member) – or you may not get paid when you redeem – on their contact page you will also see that you must not post more than ten posts a day

Do not just take any photo from Google or elsewhere on the Internet (to use in your post) – be aware or copyright issues – and when you are sure that there are no copyright issues, credit the photographer or artist, and credit the website or website page too (where you got the photo from) – or better yet, take your own photos and use those in your posts – but even then, mention at the bottom of your posts that the photo or photos are your own

Don’t just write – see what other posts may interest you on Bubblews – read those, and if you like what you read, like the post, perhaps leave a comment, and perhaps connect with the author so that you can be alerted in your notifications when they write more posts you may like to read

Save your posts to a a folder on your computer – and their url / website address / link

Be wary of neglecting what you are supposed to be doing each day (away from Bubblews) – Bubblews is addictive!

Okay, Bubblews must stop being under maintenance now; I’m missing it – and I think many others will be too!

© Copyright Teresa Schultz 2013

Disclaimer: I cannot say if you will get your Bubblews payments or not – but follow their rules. I cannot say how much you might earn at Bubblews – it’s different for many. I’m pleased that I’ve been paid for both of my first two redemptions, but I don’t know if you will be. Use the site at your own risk.

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