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Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.


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Buffalo City 360 Photography Competition in East London – I Did Well!

2nd place in the Buffalo City 360 photography competition print entries section in the pets and animals category for the month of February in 2015

A photography competition isn’t much of a photography competition without some prizes or at least recognition for the photographers. The prize giving event for the 4th Buffalo City My360 photography competition was recently held in East London – and the organizers and sponsors were generous with giving out fantastic prizes. I’m happy and proud to announce that I received 3 of the 28 My360 photography competition prizes! My Buffalo City 360 photography competition placings and prizes:

Process of Buying a Privately Owned Second Hand Car in East London

Before and after buying a privately owned second hand car in East London recently, there were a few other things Tony and I needed to do too, before I could put the car into my own name. I hope that describing our own process of buying a privately owned second hand car in East London can help others. Monies spent are included too, to help you budget accordingly – and some tips for privately owned car sellers too!

Details of My Visit to a Dentist in East London

My Facebook page update this morning: ” … and my nasty bad toothache-causing tooth is out! Yay! And what an excellent experience; excellent dentist treated me like a 6 year old. SQUEAMISH WARNING! There’s a photo of my extracted tooth further down – DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH AT SEEING A BLOODY EXTRACTED TOOTH! (yes, I brought my tooth home to show everybody, lol!)

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