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Difference Between Stay at Home Mom and Work at Home Mom

Is there really a difference between a stay at home mom and a work at home mom? Even moms who do not earn anything while they stay at home still do some work, don’t they?

It is still work to take care of and bring up children, make meals, and keep the house clean and tidy.

So if work from home moms work, and stay at home moms also work, then the difference between them must be that the one earns an income from the work she does, while the other doesn’t.

At the same time, however, the mom who stays at home but doesn’t earn an income is in many cases still helping with the family income. She may not be earning anything but she is helping the family save money.

A stay at home mom helps the family save money by:

Not needing to travel to work and back every day (save on transport costs);

Not needing to wear office clothing;

Not needing to buy new office clothing and smart shoes from time to time;

Not having to hire somebody to help clean the house;

Not having to send her children to a day care centre or nursery school;

Not having to sometimes buy expensive take away meals just because of lack of time;

Having the time to make inexpensive homemade gifts;

Having the time to come up with inexpensive D.I.Y. solutions

Now, depending on just how busy a work at home mom is, a work at home mom may not have the time to do as much as a stay at home mom does.

A work from home mom may be earning an income, but to earn that income she may have less time to do other things at home, like make inexpensive meals, clean the house, and give her children as much attention as she would like to.

On the other side of the coin, a stay at home mom may be so busy with the things she does to help the family save money, that she may not be able fit in any or much work that could earn her some money too.

Either way, it’s tough. Both work from home moms and stay at home moms should be very proud of themselves, and should they try and accomplish being on both sides of the coin at once, they should not feel discouraged if it all seems a bit much at times.

If a mom sometimes feels that she cannot be a complete, and perfect super mom, she needs to sometimes take a breather and remind herself that nobody is perfect.

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