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Difference Between WordPress Pages and WordPress Posts

Being able to tell the difference between WordPress pages and WordPress posts is usually easier to understand if you’re a blogger or if you already own your own blog or site and add content to that site yourself.

First time website owners or blog owners who don’t usually spend much time online may struggle to understand the difference between WordPress pages and WordPress posts.

The confusion may be related to the typical understanding that when one is looking at a screen showing an online place, what one is seeing is generally known as a website page. This is correct, but there are different types of website pages. Certain types of website pages are also known as posts or as blog posts.

WordPress is a Content Management System, or blogging platform. Many website owners use WordPress even if they don’t want to blog. When people who own their own WordPress sites don’t want to blog, their site is most likely going to have only WordPress pages.

WordPress pages are usually static website pages – the general main pages of a site like home, about, products, services, portfolio, testimonials, photo galleries, FAQ, disclaimer, privacy policy, or contact.

Sometimes WordPress pages may also be individual website pages that have an article on each of them – but then those articles would consist of general or informative evergreen content – like “Possible Dangers of Drinking Many Energy Drinks in Just a Few Hours” (it’s unlikely that that sort of information would change) – but if one wanted to write about what one maybe (this is a fictional example only) heard on the news about 5 teenagers who landed up in hospital from drinking too many energy drinks in just a few hours, then that would be a WordPress post.

Once one is completely done with adding the main static pages of a WordPress site (and perhaps some evergreen article pages too), then one is done with WordPress pages.

If one wants to try increase traffic to one’s site and wants to keep one’s regular readers coming back to read more, one would usually write and add more content to one’s site quite frequently. These “website pages” would be the posts of the site.

The content one writes for posts may be about things like: your thoughts on something you heard or saw on the news, an event coming up in your area that maybe relates to your business, the recent happenings at your business or recent happenings in your day to day life (a journal, of sorts), the description of some photos you took (and that you uploaded to that post). One could also write a few evergreen articles for use as posts.

Frequently adding new posts to a site helps increase traffic to that site, helps keep the site fresh, helps one target keywords one hasn’t yet targeted, and helps to keep one’s readers happy.

Once one understands the difference between WordPress pages and WordPress posts it is unlikely that one will forget what that difference is.


WordPress pages:
– are static pages like about, products, services, contact, etc
– can also be evergreen articles
– are not where you write and add WordPress posts

WordPress posts:
– are day to day happenings or newsy items
– can also be evergreen articles
– are not where you write and add WordPress pages

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