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Earn Extra Income on a New Social Site Called Tsu!

You can earn extra income on a new social network site called tsu – but try not to join tsu expecting to earn extra income – join for fun, and for being sociable and for interacting and for hanging out with family, friends, and new friends

– sort of like you may already do on Facebook.

And while you interact with family, friends and new friends on tsu,
earn extra income at the same time.

What is interacting?

looking at what other members have posted

liking what other members have posted

sharing what other members have posted

commenting on what other members have posted

liking comments

writing your own posts or sharing your own photos
– which encourages people to interact with you

replying to comments that your own posts or photos or shares get

joining in in conversations going on in the comments area beneath a post

It is easier to do quite a bit of interaction if you follow other tsu members, and if you add some of them as friends too.

– If you already spend quite some time on Facebook,
you’ll find it easy to get around on tsu.

If you’re interested in the earnings aspect of tsu, then you’re going to want to invite (or refer) others to join tsu too.

You earn from your own posting and interaction on the site, as well as from the posting and interaction of those who you refer to the site – as well as from who they refer to the site. (Well, you earn a share of what the ads on the pages generate in earnings for the site).

If you want to join tsu, then you need to be invited or referred. If you want family, friends or others to join tsu so that you can hang out with them there, then you need to invite or refer them to tsu.

Just remember that it’s a social networking site, not a get rich overnight thing – just have fun hanging out, in your spare time – If you earn extra income at the same time, no matter how little, it’s a bonus! Try not to try earn extra income, lol – just enjoy your time on tsu – and you’ll earn extra income at the same time 🙂

If you’d like to join tsu right now, here’s my invite or referral: tsu – Teresa Schultz

See you there!

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