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Earn Extra Income Online – How To Earn Extra Income Online at mturk

If you would like to earn extra income online mturk.com (Amazon Mechanical Turk) is a place to do so easily. You can earn extra income online at Amazon Mechanical Turk by doing loads of tiny little jobs. Some of the tiny little online jobs take just a minute or two of your time.

I joined Amazon Mechanical Turk (for free) a few years ago already, but did just a bit of work there, earning about only $2, then I stopped. Something else must have caught my interest, and I never went back to Amazon Mechanical Turk – until about a week and a half ago.

It’s easy to earn extra income online at Mechanical Turk! Most of the little online jobs at Amazon Mechanical Turk are really easy to do, but PLEASE NOTE: the words EXTRA INCOME. Don’t expect to make a lot of money or a full time income online doing online work at mturk.com – it’s just a way to earn EXTRA income online, and should not be viewed as a way to make a living working online.

Also, if you live in the United States and want to earn extra income online, you’re lucky. There are more Amazon Mechanical Turk hits (little jobs) available to you if you live in the United States, and you can get paid cash. South Africans and people in most other countries will only get their pay in the form of an Amazon shopping voucher.

If you want to earn extra income online or like the idea, then perhaps try out Amazon Mechanical Turk. But please remember it’s just for a little extra income, not for a fortune. Do it in your spare time only. Don’t neglect other ways to earn an income (online or offline) or your family or your health – being an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker is one thing, but being an addicted Mechanical Turk worker is another thing. I’m already finding that I need to be careful about how much time I spend doing hits (little jobs) on mturk.com – I must not neglect the other ways that I earn my income from home, or working on increasing my passive income.

I’m South African so will get my Amazon Mechanical Turk payment as an Amazon shopping voucher – which I don’t think is the end of the world: I can buy something at amazon.com that I want or need, or I can buy something that can help me increase my income in other ways:

I could buy a Writer’s Market book or a Photographer’s Market book, so I’ll learn of places that may buy my writing or my photos; I could buy a book on crafts to help me make things I could sell; I could buy beads or other craft items to help me make something I could sell.
I could use any one of (or all) of
10 ways to make money with an online shopping voucher.

How much have I made at Amazon Mechanical Turk in the last week and a half?

Well, in the last 11 days I’ve done 275 hits (little jobs). On one of those 11 days I did none. On some of those 11 days I did just a few, and on some of the days I did quite a few! I like to earn extra income online on Mechanical Turk, and it’s often difficult to drag myself away from doing more hits. I do know that I should not have spent so much time on mturk.com in the last 11 days.

Stats and earnings so far (in the last 11 days):

hits submitted: 275
hits rejected: 5
hits approved and paid: 171 – earnings: $8.60 (currently about R101.46)
hits pending (still to be approved and paid – or rejected): 99
value of those 99 pending hits if they get approved: $2.51 (currently about R29.61)

So, if all is approved, then that was just R130 for a South African in a third of a month = maybe R390 in one month = as you can surely see, just extra income, and not a lot of money. Plus, since work is a little quiet at the moment, I did spend quite a lot of time earning that. If one doesn’t have much spare time, one might earn next to nothing in a month. And remember: South Africans can only get paid with an Amazon shopping voucher – not the end of the world, but it’s not cash.

Should you decide to give Amazon Mechanical Turk a try to earn extra income online,


  • Check your dashboard often: if some hits are approved quickly, do more of those for the same requester; if some hits are rejected, avoid doing more of those type of hits or avoid doing any hits for that requester (jot down the names of requesters who are good for you and the names of the requesters who are bad for you). Getting quite a few rejections is bad for you in that your hit approval rate goes down and there won’t be as many jobs for you to choose from.
  • Keeping your hit approval rate up quite high opens doors for you – you can only do some hits (little jobs) if your hit approval rate is above a certain percentage.
  • Being qualified to do some hits makes more hits available to you – request qualification for hits that you think you can do, or do the qualification tests for those hits.
  • Do only jobs that you think you can do. A requester may block you from doing any of their hits if you make too many mistakes, and too many blocks may get you banned from Mechanical Turk.
  • If you need to get your hit approval rate up or back up quickly, do hits that you know pay quickly and that don’t take too much time, even if you earn only $0.01 for each of them.
  • Don’t be afraid to try a hit that you’re not too sure about. If it gets too tough you can just return the hit before the time to do it in runs out – but try not to do this too often.
  • Use the “sort by” field selection: you can quickly sort the hits into the order that is most useful to you, like “hits available (most first)” – sometimes a hit consists of just one hit, but sometimes a hit consists of many hits of the same type – and if you’re quick at those type of hits, and good at them, you can do many of those hits before too many other workers get them all done.
  • Take a break from time to time – try not to get addicted to working on mturk.com – remember that it’s just one small way to earn extra income online, and your other forms of income, family, and health should not be neglected.

It’s fun – and a little addictive – to earn extra income online at Amazon Mechanical Turk! Some of the types of hits you can expect to do (or at least a list of SOME OF THE TYPES OF HITS I’ve done):

  • draw lines around objects in images (to box in or separate that object like a chair or a table or a person from the rest of the image) just using one’s mouse
  • fill in surveys
  • transcribe (type) details from receipts
  • type text you see in images
  • visit a website and then type up your thoughts on how the website looks
  • check the search result position of a website for a phrase on Google
  • check what the first website is in search results for a phrase on Google
  • categorize images of different things


Do you want to earn extra income online? Amazon Mechanical Turk is a fun place to earn extra income online. You may earn more in 11 days than I did in the past 11 days, or you may earn less than I did. Your earnings depend on what available-to-you hits you do, what hits you do well at, and on how much time you have to spend on doing hits. I don’t get anything for telling you about Amazon Mechanical Turk – this blog post is just informative and general and may help those who want to earn extra income online, even if those earnings are small. Follow my tips further above if you want to earn extra income online at mturk.com but also use your own judgement. Good luck!

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