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Easy To Make Money Writing Online at Bubblews

It is easy to make money writing online at Bubblews. You can write about almost anything, and only about 100 words are needed per page – write about what your dog had for supper, what you ate for supper, what you did yesterday, or what you bought at the shop today. It is easy to write only 100 words. Well, the minimum is 400 characters, which is about 100 words.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’VE LEFT THIS CONTENT HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT WAS, BUT THE BUBBLEWS SITE HAS CHANGED SINCE, AND EARNINGS RATES ARE NO LONGER AS HIGH AS THEY USED TO BE TOO. If you want ideas for working from home, have a look at our list of over 3000 ideas for working from home.

Exactly how long is 400 characters?

Let me see how many characters there are, above, from the start of “It is easy…” to the end of “Exactly how long is 400 characters?”

It is 76 words, 325 characters without spaces and 399 characters with spaces. To be on the safe side and to help ensure you don’t break the rule of a minimum of 400 characters, I’d write at least 400 characters without spaces.

Let’s check again: How many characters in total ABOVE THIS LINE of text? 144 words, 619 characters without spaces, 759 characters with spaces. That’s not much writing at all!

Okay, I’m now going to write a single paragraph of text, of 420 to 480 characters without spaces, just so you can see how long it is all in one place, and the kind of thing I’ll write is also the easy kind of thing that you are allowed to write on Bubblews

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in East London in South Africa today. In fact, this is the 5th day in a row that we’ve had beautiful weather in East London. Okay, so yesterday in the late afternoon it got a little cloudy and there was maybe a spoonful of drizzle falling from the sky, but that drizzle hardly wet the ground and lasted for only about 20 minutes. There has been very little wind for 5 days in a row now, and mostly beautiful blue and sunny skies. I really hope this lovely weather lasts at least another 5 days in a row!

That single paragraph above is 104 words, 435 characters without spaces, and 538 characters with spaces. Surely you can write something like that? You can do this! If you can, then one post on Bubblews is done, and then you can start on the next post! You are allowed to write and submit 10 posts a day on Bubblews.
It is easy to make money writing online at Bubblews:

Your Question:
Yes, I can do that! I can write at least 400 characters without spaces about almost anything, but how does one earn money on Bubblews?

My Answer:
The actual amount may vary from time to time, but currently it’s roughly $0.01 (currently just under R0.10) per view that your post gets, per like that your post gets, and per comment that your post gets. So if 40 people come look at the post you wrote, and 15 people click the like button, and 5 people leave a comment beneath it, that’s roughly $0.60 that you have earned – currently just under R6. Now if you write and submit 10 posts a day and the same happens? Well, then that’s $6 or currently just under R60. In one day.

Your Question:
That all sounds so cool, but what if nobody comes and looks at what I wrote, and nobody clicks the like button, and nobody leaves a comment beneath my post?

My Answer:
Then you will earn nothing.

Your Question:
So how do I get people to come and look at what I wrote?

My Answer:
You pay interest in the posts that other Bubblew members wrote, which encourages them to come and look at and read your posts – just never ask them to do this as that’s against the rules! You do this by reading other posts on Bubblews, liking the posts you really do like, and by leaving a comment on the posts you feel you want to comment on. Tip: Leaving comments on other posts is one of the best ways to get yourself noticed on Bubblews, so try to leave nice comments, of a few words, and not just “nice post” or “that’s interesting.” If you really like what some of the other Bubblews members are writing about, you can connect with them (follow them on their profile) and then you’ll get notifications (on Bubblews) whenever they write a new post.

Your Question:
How do I get paid?

My Answer:
Well, for starters you are not going to get paid if you break the Bubblews rules. The rules are easy to follow so why bother trying to cheat the system and risk not getting paid? Also, it is not just the system that may pick up that you cheated, it may be other Bubblews members themselves. If Bubblews members notice that other Bubblews members are breaking the rules, they may flag your post, or your comment, and may even send an email to Bubblews describing what you did wrong. It is really easy to follow the rules, so just do! You can find the rules on the “bank” page once you are a member.
Secondly, you can only get paid once you have reached $25 (currently just under R250). Once you do reach $25, or let’s say $25.10 to be on the safe side, you click a big button that says “redeem now.” UPDATE: In mid-December 2013 the minimum redemption amount was raised from $25 to $50.

Thirdly, you need to have a verified PayPal account to receive your money, and, in South Africa anyway, your PayPal account must be linked to your bank account.

Your Question:
Have you made money writing online at Bubblews?

My Answer:
Yes I have made money on Bubblews. I have clicked that redeem button 3 times now, and have been paid 3 times now (about $25 each time) and last night I clicked the redeem button for the 4th time. The payment should reach my PayPal account in about 3 days’ time, then it clears about 5 days later, after which I withdraw it into my bank account. Then it takes about another 7 days to clear into my bank account.

Your Question:
How long did it take you to earn your four $25 Bubblews payments?

My Answer:
It took me quite long before I could click the redeem button for the first time because I didn’t have many connections (followers) so not that many people were being notified when I submitted new posts. Tip: Be active in the community right from the start (read, like, and comment on other people’s posts) and then it won’t take all that long for you to increase the amount of people who want to follow you. It took me 29 days before I clicked the redeem button for the first time. After that first one it took me 8 days, then 9 days, and then 6 and a half days before I clicked the redeem button for the 4th time last night.

Your Question:
So how much can I earn on Bubblews in one month?

My Answer:
Your first month may not be much at all, but could be if you work hard at Bubblews, but then your earnings are likely to get better from the start of your second month onwards. There are some Bubblews members who are able to click the redeem button (for just over $25) every second day! While on the other hand, some members may click the redeem button only every two months. It depends on various things like how much time you have to spend on Bubblews, the type of comments you leave on other posts (longer nicer ones will get you noticed more than just “nice post” or “congrats” or “interesting post” etc) the type of things you write about, and on how many connections (followers) you have that want to keep reading your posts when they get notified you’ve added new ones.

One can get addicted to Bubblews. It’s a fun place to hang out at in your spare time, and while you’re hanging out, you can get paid!
It is easy to make money writing online at Bubblews.

I cannot say how much you might earn. You determine this yourself by following the rules, and by the amount of time and effort that you put into it.

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