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Google Help – 10 Ways Google Has Helped Me

Getting Google help is not quite therapy, but it’s fantastic to get Google help all the same. I’ve been getting Google help since early 2008, and it’s been insane!

There are many ways Google has helped me, 10 of which I’d like to mention here. I’m definitely a fan of Google: when I need help with something, I get Google help!

I have a free email account by Google – gmail – with lots of hosting space. It will be absolutely ages before I need to delete some emails to make space for more.

Google has saved me money when it comes to buying books, or putting petrol (gas) in the car to go to the library when my sons need to do research for school projects. Instead of buying books or going to the library for books, my sons and I, and Tony, and anyone really, can learn just about anything on the Internet for free, and can use Google to get to those informative sites.

Google has enabled me to learn very useful things for free. Good search results for my searches have found me great sites, where I’ve been able to learn (for free) how to do things or offer services that I can make a living from, or that can earn me extra income.

Using Google to check search results for various keywords or phrases in the content on my sites has helped me work at improving those search results, thus increasing the income my sites bring in for me.

Google’s algorithm changes have kept me on my toes, making me work at improving the way I work with my sites, helping me remain competitive.

Google’s email alerts have kept me up to date on topics I’m interested in.

Google’s Adsense program has helped me earn extra income from my own sites, or from sites not my own where I can only earn if I have an Adsense account.

Trying out Google’s Adwords advertising helped me definitely decide that, when it comes to website or blog marketing, I much prefer working with on-page SEO and organic search results than working with PPC advertising.

Google has helped make me feel good on my birthday when I go to the Google search engine and it wishes me Happy Birthday right at the top of it.

Google has helped entertain me with various Google doodles (changes made to the Google logo at the top of the search engine page).

Conclusion or summary:
Google has not only helped me and enabled me to make a living from home, often for free, but has also enabled me to have fun doing so. Do you need to know something? Are you a little confused about something? Well, then, get Google help!

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