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Happy Birthday Get Out of Bed

Happy Birthday get out of bed was the text message I received from my youngest son yesterday morning on my birthday, and yes, I was still in bed, with my alarm set to go off only 45 minutes later, when I would have had 5 hours sleep.

Was it a happy birthday for me yesterday? I’d say, yes, it was mostly a happy birthday, but more so it seemed that my birthday was like a very rushed and busy birthday day more than anything else, and I was tired, from not sleeping much lately, and about several things.

But let’s be positive and find all the

happy birthday things in my day yesterday!

Happy Birthday event 1
My Happy Birthday get out of bed text message from my youngest of two sons, currently in matric: He’d spent the night at his dad the night before my birthday and his dad dropped him at school, from where he texted me before school started for the day.

Happy Birthday event 2
Cash gift: Hadn’t expected anything for my birthday from my elderly parents in whose house I live, but they gave me a little cash for my birthday.

Happy Birthday event 3
Communications with the love of my life: Several email and text message exchanges.

It was still a Happy Birthday

It was still a Happy Birthday, but would have been a happier birthday had Tony been with me on my day.

Happy Birthday event 4
Message from Telkom and various other messages via email: A Happy Birthday text message from Telkom received on my phone, and several emailed Happy Birthday messages from some websites I am a member at.

Happy Birthday event 5
My brother popping in to wish me Happy Birthday: He was only going to see me in the afternoon, but my folks needed him in the morning and he popped in at my little home office unexpectedly to wish me Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday event 6
Facebook Happy Birthday messages: So very many Facebook friends wished me Happy Birthday. I particularly cherished one from my man, and one from a friend who called me her forever friend even though we haven’t seen each other in person in over 20 years.

Happy Birthday event 7
Phone chat with a friend: A lovely chat that lasted at least 30 minutes.

Happy Birthday event 8
Happy Birthday message on the ATM screen: Happy Birthday message on the ATM screen – yes, I know I repeated that, but what else is there to say? I could just lengthen that I guess: It was nice to see a Happy Birthday message on the ATM screen when I put my bank card into the ATM just before going to the shop. 🙂

Happy Birthday event 9
Finding my phone: As I walked into the first shop I was stopping at on the way to fetch my son from school, I realised I didn’t have my phone with me. Had I left it in the car? Had it fallen in the street as I got out the car? Had I left it on the car roof while unlocking my car at home or while locking my car when I got out to go the shop? Nope, not in, on, or near the car! Went back home quickly and found it on a shelf in the bathroom.

Happy Birthday event 10
Having a still very new online freelance work project: Being able to afford some treats for my birthday. Enjoying choosing what treats to buy for the “coffee and cake” afternoon when my brother and his wife would be popping in for a bit – I bought a cake with creamy icing topped with gooey sweet granadilla pulp stuff, a coffee flavoured swiss roll, two milk tarts, packet of chips, and dip, and two bottles of fruit juice.

Happy Birthday event 11
Coffee and Cake time: Enjoyed a visit from my brother and his wife in the late afternoon. My elderly parents, my brother and his wife, my son and I enjoyed fruit juice and coffee, some of the granadilla cake, coffee flavoured swiss roll, and one of the two milk tarts. My brother and his wife had also brought me a small birthday gift when I hadn’t expected anything.

Happy Birthday event 12
My oldest son phoning me: While making coffee in the kitchen during the “coffee and cake” visit time, my eldest son phoned me to wish me happy birthday. He’s in his first year at Stellenbosch university.

Happy Birthday event 13
Not having to take my younger son to his guitar lesson: Due to a cancellation by his guitar lesson teacher of the usual guitar lesson this week, my son’s guitar lesson this week was for Friday 4.30pm to 5pm. The guitar lesson place is not far from where I live, but best to go by car, and it’s always such a schlepp to take my son to this guitar lesson. It’s only 30 mins long. I either sit in the car and wait, or come back home for something like just 10 minutes before going to fetch him again. But since my brother’s car was already out because he and his wife were visiting, and because he didn’t mind and wanted to be helpful, he offered to and then quickly took my son to his guitar lesson, and then fetched him again a little while later.

Happy Birthday event 14
Chat with my man: A lovely chat on the phone with my man for at least 20 minutes

Happy Birthday event 15
Off to the movies: I don’t go the movies often, and don’t watch TV. My son and I went to see The Jungle Book movie and I enjoyed it very much.

Happy Birthday event 16
Text message from a friend: While walking into Hemingways to go see The Jungle Book movie, I received a Happy Birthday message on my phone from a friend I haven’t seen in a few months.

Happy Birthday event 17
Movies Popcorn: To me the best popcorn is popcorn at the movies! I enjoyed mine with only two flavourings added to it – but lots of it! – butter flavouring and sour cream and chives flavouring.

Happy Birthday event 18
Another Happy Birthday wish: As my son and I came out of The Jungle Book movie theatre, the mother of a friend of his came out another movie theatre there, and wished me Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday event 19
Being a self-employed freelancer or blogger that works from home: I could take virtually the whole day off work, because I could catch up with work later.

Happy Birthday event 20
Happy Birthday messages because of an affiliate program I use to make some money online: Online Happy Birthday messages received from some of the affiliates in my team, and a Happy Birthday message displayed on my screen for the day whenever I was logged in there.

I didn’t have a huge party with lots of people, but all the wonderful little things that happened throughout the day, made, well, I guess, my birthday a really very Happy Birthday! 🙂

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