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How Do You Make Money While Staying at Home?

Oh my; there are hundreds of ways to make money while staying at home, and many of them don’t even cost you anything to start!

Three very important things to remember if you want to make money while staying at home – especially if you want to make more than just a little extra income, and would like to attempt making a full time income from home – are:

Try and make money from something you already do often, or that relates to something you already do often, or at least relates to something you are passionate about or know a bit about.


It is so much easier to make money while staying at home, and to advertise the work that you do, when you enjoy it or know quite a bit about it. You don’t want to do something you don’t enjoy or know very little about – that can be depressing, and may make you want to give up trying, or may make you consider trying something else meaning you’d have to start from scratch again. A lot of time would have been wasted.

One has more energy to work at something one enjoys doing or to work at something one knows a bit about. More work gets done, and thus more profits may be made.

What if you are passionate about something, but don’t know too much about it?
If you’re really that passionate about it, and think that you would get much pleasure from making money from it, then consider spending some time learning more about it. If you are passionate about something it is a joy to learn more about it. No money to spend on studies or courses? There is an incredible amount of free and very useful information on the Internet on just about any topic.


As you start to work from home, you will notice that the more people that know about what you’re doing to make money while staying at home, the more you will earn. You will also notice that if hardly anyone knows about what you’re doing, you will struggle to make a decent income.

Advertising well and frequently may be the most important part of making money from home, and may even take up most of your time. It may also be the hardest thing to do if you don’t know much about advertising. It could only be in your best interest to spend some time learning about advertising – about both free advertising methods, and expensive advertising methods.

It depends on what you’re planning to do to make money while staying at home, but if possible, start slowly, or use free methods of making money from home, and free methods of advertising, to avoid costly things that may not work out for you and all that money is lost.

Once you’ve given the business a little time and can see how things are going – and once you’ve earned a bit of income from your work, you can consider spending money or more money on your work and on the advertising of it.

Need some ideas on how to make money while staying at home?
Start with this list of extra income ideas
– a list of titles and summaries of pages on this very site that consist of
information or ideas that can help get you started with making money from home.

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