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How Much Website Hosting Space Do I Need?

Some website hosting service providers offer a large amount of website hosting space as their minimum website hosting space package, when such a large amount of hosting space isn’t always necessary.

This tant.co.za site, with, as I write this blog post, 108 blog post pages and 26 website pages, and with many images or photos too, and with the WordPress CMS uploaded too, is currently using only 25 meg hosting space.

If your site is going to have only a few pages (50 or less) you do not need a lot of website hosting space.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you may need a lot of website hosting space when you may only need a little bit of hosting space for your site. It can be confusing for new website owners when they see different website hosting space options or packages advertised and they don’t know which one is the right one for them, or what the difference is between hosting space and bandwidth space.

You may choose the cheapest website hosting space option – which may have all the space your site needs – but then you may get only a small amount of bandwidth space with that hosting space option.

You don’t want to run out of bandwidth space.

Website hosting space is for the contents of your website and the contents of your emails ( if you have an email address or two you’re using with you site’s domain name eg whatever@yoursitesname.co.za ) Once you’ve read your emails, of course, you do have more hosting space to still use up again.

Bandwidth space is for how much traffic (visitors) your site can get each month. If you think your site is going to be quite popular, or you are going to be working at getting many visitors to your site, you don’t want people to arrive at the site and see nothing there because you’ve reached your bandwidth limit for the month. They’ll only be able to see the site again at the start of the next month when your site’s bandwidth space replenishes again.

We recommend at least 100 meg hosting space, especially if some of the images you upload to your site are quite large (in megapixel or dots per inch size), and in case you don’t or are unable to check your emails every few days.

Our hosting price for 100 meg website hosting space, with unlimited bandwidth, and with as many professional email addresses as you would like, is just R400 a year.

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