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How Writing Online May Help You Feel Less Lonely While Taking Care of Your Elderly Loved Ones

Have you considered writing online to beat your loneliness? Do you know how writing online may help you feel less lonely while taking care of your elderly loved ones?

Very many adults live in the homes of their elderly loved ones, taking care of them. These adults seldom manage to get out to see their old friends or to make new friends. Very few if any of their old friends visit often. Who wants to visit a person who is totally miserable and who has nothing else to talk about other than how their day has been looking after their elderly parents or elderly relatives?

People who aren’t also looking after elderly relatives don’t seem to have much in common with you, and these people are the people you used to call friends. You feel lonely and want to find ways to feel less lonely.

To feel less lonely, you need new friends, or new interests that you can talk about, or you need both.

Writing online can help you make new friends and gain new interests.

How Writing Online Can Help You Make New Friends and Gain New Interests:

When you first start researching places to write online, you may want to look at sites where the members are much like you – adults who stay at home looking after their elderly loved ones, and who also want to feel less lonely. You don’t necessarily need to write long pages of content online to write online. You can write short pieces on forums, leave comments beneath blog posts, or leave posts or comments on social or business networking sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

When looking at places where you can write short posts or comments, look for groups, categories or topics on those sites that may relate to looking after the elderly, looking after elderly relatives, feeling lonely, or ways to feel less lonely. When you find these places you know you have found people who relate to what’s going on in your life – and who actually want to hear (or read) what you have to say, and who also write content that will interest you. These people are possibly your new friends. Be nice to them, and they will be nice to you – you’re on your way to feeling less lonely!

Should you find that you really enjoy writing (writing in itself, whether published online or not, can be a great stress reliever, can help you focus, and can help keep you occupied) then consider joining one or more online writing sites too.

Many online writing sites even pay you to be active on their site. You can earn a little extra income while writing and making new friends.

Being active on an online writing site means more than just writing and publishing articles or posts. Being active on an online writing site also means that you visit the profiles of other members on that writing site, and see what they’ve been writing about and publishing. If the topics interest you, you leave a comment on their work. They see the comment, and if they enjoyed your comment, they may visit your own profile. You may have made a new friend.

While browsing around on social sites, forums, blogs or online writing sites, other topics of interest may catch your eye – maybe it’s the style of writing that you enjoy, or that the author has something in common with you that isn’t related to caring for elderly loved ones, or the topic is just something that interests you for the first time. You immediately have something else to speak about when people visit you at home, which may make them come and visit again soon, just so that they can hear you speak about these interests some more.

Writing, and writing online, may be just what you need to feel less lonely. You can even often speak to your elderly loved ones about your new interests, making their day a little brighter too.

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