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Make Money in Spare Time – Some People are Making Over R120 a Day!

Do you hang out on some sites in your spare time? Do you make any money while you hang out on those sites in your spare time? Do you make money for writing a status update, or when somebody likes your status or leaves a comment beneath what you wrote?

No? Well, on one site you can make money in your spare time for hanging out on that site with people from all over the world. It’s free to join!

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’VE LEFT THIS CONTENT HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT WAS, BUT THE BUBBLEWS SITE HAS CHANGED SINCE, AND EARNINGS RATES ARE NO LONGER AS HIGH AS THEY USED TO BE TOO. If you want ideas for working from home, have a look at our list of over 3000 ideas for working from home.

Who can make an extra income on this site in their spare time?

If you can write a “status” update (or write about just about anything) of at least 400 characters (that’s about 100 words) you can do this!

If you can read and like and comment on what other members are writing on the site, you can do this!

If you have the time to do this (write at least 100 words per “post” and read and like and comment on other posts) even just for one hour a day, you can earn some extra income from this!

If you have much more time to do this (write at least 100 words per “post” and read and like and comment on other posts) you can earn even more! Note: not more than 10 posts per day are allowed.

If you have a verified PayPal account (and in South Africa connected to your bank account) you can do this! You can make some extra income in your spare time for just hanging out on a site.

My definition of hanging out?
Writing a few posts a day (think of it as status updates of at least 100 words each) and enjoying what other members are also writing – by reading, liking, and commenting.

When it comes to earning money on the site, what is the purpose of reading, liking and commenting on what other members are writing? Well, when you do, (especially the commenting) you’re getting yourself noticed and then people may come and visit your profile page to see what you’ve been writing – or if they’ve connected with you (are following you) they will get notifications on the site whenever you write a new post, and then they may come and look at what you wrote – and if they do, you earn just because somebody looked at your post. If they click that they like it, you earn more. If they write a comment beneath what you wrote, you earn more!

Can I really earn more than R120 a day / R3 600 a month on this site?

Well some members definitely are – perhaps not too many, but they are. A few (but just a few, mind you) are even making more than R5 000 a month on the site. Perhaps it is mostly the members who have more than just a little spare time to spend on the site, or have been members of the site for more than just a month or two, or those members who are well organized, can easily write 10 posts a day, have over time built up quite a few connections (people who follow them), and who spend much time reading; liking, and commenting on other members’ posts – a lot of good interaction with other members entices members to look at your own posts.
I’m a member there and I’m not yet earning over R100 a day – on some days though I have managed R60 to R70 in one day – and I started with earning way less when I joined the site on 28 July 2013, so I’m hoping things will continue to improve the more connections I gain on the site.
It took me 29 days to reach my first payout of $25 (about R250) and then 8 days to my second $25, 9 days to my third $25 and 6 and a half days to my 4th $25.
I spend quite a bit of time on the site.
UPDATE: The minimim cash-out amount is $50 now, and no longer $25 – since mid December 2013
Further update, dated 23 January 2014: In 6 months I have made over R6 000 on the site, in my spare time.

Bottom line:
You can earn for hanging out on a site (see my definition of hanging out further up) so even if you earn just a little, why not? It’s better than hanging out for free.

I do have a referral link, and will include it here, but I don’t care if you use it or not. If you do use it I earn just $0.20 when you write and add your first post. (that money comes off the owners of the site, not off your earnings) – but use it or not, I’m telling you all this because I think it’s a handy way to earn some extra income.

When you post your first post (if it’s still the same as when I joined in July 2013) you earn $1 – it is only your first post that gets this – all your other posts’ earnings after that are based on views, likes and comments that they get.

Some quick tips to help you:

Follow the easy steps in this article Earn Extra Income for Free on Bubblews – Easy Steps to get off to a good start at Bubblews.


Go through the easy-to-follow rules on your bank page once you have joined;

Read a few posts to get a feel for the site;

Don’t post more than ten posts a day;

If you include photos in your posts, resize them a bit smaller first, and either use only your own photos, or only photos that you are 100% sure you are allowed to use, and credit the photographer and source of the photo;

Comment on other posts that you enjoy reading, as much as you can – it’s one of the easiest ways to get yourself noticed;

It is more likely that others reading the comments beneath a post will visit your own posts if your comment was interesting and lengthy, and not just “Nice writing” or “That was interesting.”

Another article on this site that may be helpful, and also shows you how long 400 characters (about 100 words) is: Easy to Make Money Writing Online on Bubblews

If you like this idea, why not give it a shot?
– try to make some money in your spare time, on Bubblews.

I cannot say how much money YOU will earn. It depends on how much spare time you have, and on how much time and effort you put into it. Join the site at your own risk.

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