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Many Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home With Just This One Site

80 000 ways to earn extra income in the ad below refers to the over 80 000 products that affiliates can market and sell but there are many other ways to earn extra income from home with just this one site, too.

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Ways to earn extra income from home with SFI

1. Market (advertise) over 80 000 products. The products include a wide variety of different things: clothing, jewelry, home and garden products, health products, beauty products, gadgets, toys and more.

There are articles to read on the site that tell you exactly what to do to market the products, so don’t worry if you have no marketing experience – just read, learn, and do – and many of the marketing methods are free to do! When somebody you refer to the product section of the program buys a product, you earn a commission. Extra income is just waiting for you if you can get people to buy the products!

2. Refer ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) (businesses that do or want to sell their products online) to the product section of the program to sign up as an E-Commerce seller, and earn commissions when they make sales, no matter which affiliate referred the buyer to the products of that ECA – you referred the seller (the ECA) so you also get a commission! Extra income is just waiting for you if you can get people or businesses to sell their products as an E-Commerce Associate!

3. Refer people to the affiliate program (refer people who also want to earn extra income just like you) and they’ll be in your own team of affiliates, and if they purchase products in the products section, you earn a commission. More extra income just waiting for you!


Don’t worry too much if you think you’re not very good at referring people to sign up at places as a member of your team – there are also other ways to get your own affiliates at SFI:

  • the person who referred you to SFI may reassign some of their own affiliates to you if they see you are working nicely and deserve a reward
    – for example this is something I do if you have joined SFI as a member of my team and I see you are working nicely, and scoring many points
    Join my SFI team! Learn more! It’s free!
  • you can purchase affiliates at the site
  • you might win affiliates in the auctions
  • you can earn affiliates in the bid and build section of the auctions
  • you might win affiliates in some games and daily prize drawings (even in some free games and free daily prize drawings)
  • you can also earn some co-sponsored affiliates by advancing up a rank, or by maintaining a rank (by becoming more than an AFF (Affiliate) for example by becoming an Executive Affiliate or a Bronze Team Leader or a Silver Team Leader etc)

4. Your affiliates and co-sponsored affiliates (see last paragraph above this) and people you referred directly to the products section might buy TCredits for playing games or for bidding on auctions. When they do, you earn a commission.

5. Purchase products yourself, and then resell them for slightly more to family and friends or at a flea market (or just display one of each of a few products at the market and then direct anybody interested to the site, using your referral code, and earn commissions if they buy the products on the site).

You earn MRP (Member Rewards Points) when you purchase a product, so save up your MRP and use them to get another product basically for free (nice mark-up on that product when you resell it! Some decent extra income right there).

If you’ve purchased gift cards (with money or with Member Rewards Points you’ve saved up), you can also give these gift cards away to people who are interested in the products you’re displaying, which gives the receivers of these gift cards some TCredits and Member Rewards Points when they join the product section of the site to purchase products.

As an SFI affiliate, you also earn VersaPoints when you purchase a product, so even if the product you buy is just for yourself, or even if you sold it to family or friends or at a market at the same price you paid for it, you’re scoring VersaPoints to help you advance a rank or maintain a rank (and you get more benefits when you advance or maintain your rank of at least Executive Affiliate or Bronze Team Leader).

Remember the information above if you happen to come across a product or two that you think is a little expensive – as an SFI affiliate, earning VersaPoints and Member Rewards Points when you purchase a product makes that product a good bargain, and makes the price not seem so expensive after all.

Also try mention the Member Rewards Points when you are referring the general public to go look at the products on the site. They can save up their MRP (Member Rewards Points) and exchange them for another product.

6. Play games (even free ones) and enter free-to-enter daily prize drawings to try win TCredits or Member Rewards Points. When you use TCredits on games or auctions, you earn more Member Rewards Points. Save up your Member Rewards Points and use them to purchase something you can resell, or even to purchase something you’d just like to have for yourself, or to purchase something that can help you with your marketing or with the growing of your team. Lucky extra income for you (or a product for yourself if not planning on reselling it), just for playing free games and entering daily prize drawings.

Also remember to tell people who you are referring to the site as buyers, that they too can play free games etc to try win TCredits and Member Rewards Points.

7. Do easy daily, weekly and monthly tasks on your SFI to do list within your SFI account, and score VersaPoints when you do. If you are at least an Executive Affiliate, you get a share of the SFI business’s Executive Pool – the more VersaPoints you have, the greater the income for you from the Executive Pool – note: these extra income earnings are not very big, but see no.7 below

8. Encourage your own affiliates to do the same things you’ve been doing: daily, weekly, monthly tasks, and marketing of the products, and building their own teams of affiliates. When they advance a rank (for example to EA2 – Executive Affiliate in a new month after they first became an Executive Affiliate – or to Bronze Team Leader etc, you score VersaPoints from that if you are at least EA2 yourself, AND, if you are at least Bronze Team Leader you score matching VersaPoints income on your affiliates’ VersaPoints. If you have many affiliates on your team, well, then, your small earnings from the Executive Pool may not end up being so small after all!

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