Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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Online Shopping – Earn Member Rewards Points for Online Shopping at …

Online shopping at some online stores can have many benefits, like being able to earn member rewards points, and especially if doing your online shopping at this particular online store …

At TripleClicks you can do so much more than just do online shopping! There are so many benefits to being a member at TripleClicks!

Let’s start with those MRP – Member Rewards Points – that you can earn when doing your online shopping at TripleClicks:

There are over 80 000 products at TripleClicks, very many of which include free shipping in their price, and thousands of TripleClicks products have MRP attached to them. When you are viewing a specific product’s photo and details, look for the MRP to the right of it. You’ll see how many Member Rewards Points you can earn for buying that specific product.

Do some online shopping or browsing now by visiting the pages of these specific TripleClicks products below, and you’ll see the MRP to the right of the photo of the product.

Toilet Paper
Vintage Bohemian Style Butterfly Turquoise Bracelet with free shipping
Wedding Dress
Running Shoes for men
Solar Powered Motion Detection Flood Light
Pack of 20 TCredits

What can you do with your Member Rewards Points?
Let them add up over time, as you do your online shopping at TripleClicks, and then use them to pay for TripleClicks products, of course! Online shopping at TripleClicks is awesome!

You could even use some of your TC (TripleClicks) Member Rewards Points to purchase TCredits. Carry on reading to find out what TCredits are!

Well, for starters, you may not even need to buy TCredits – you may win some TCredits too!

TCredits are like currency that you can use at TripleClicks.

Use TCredits at TripleClicks for what?

Many different things!

  • Just like some products at Tripleclicks can be purchased with Member Rewards Points, some products can also be purchased with TCredits!
  • You can use a Tcredit or two to play one of the Eager Zebra online games at TripleClicks – after your free daily games have been used up, or for games that require TCredits.
  • You can use TCredits to bid on items in the TripleClicks Pricebenders penny auctions. Learn more about these penny auctions.
  • You can use TCredits to list something that you want to sell – look around the house or garage and see what you no longer want or need – and then sell it on TripleClicks – 1 TCredit per listing.
  • You can download a song from an independent artist at the TC Music Center – 1 TCredit per download.

And guess what else? For each TCredit that you spend you can earn 5 Member Rewards Points! You not only earn some Member Rewards Points when you purchase TCredits, you also earn 5 Member Rewards Points for each 1 TCredit that you use on a game or auction at TripleClicks!

Now, if you haven’t started getting so excited that you haven’t been able to read everything properly, did you see where I mentioned higher up that you can also win some TCredits?

Well, you can actually win other things too besides TCredits at TripleClicks, but I’ll start with the ways to win TCredits…

  • Every single hour you can enter T-Time (for free) to stand a chance to be one of 30 lucky TripleClicks members to win 2 TCredits – so if you don’t sleep you could enter 24 times a day! If you win, though, you’d only be allowed to enter again the next day.
  • Play games that have a Zackpot of TCredits – that get shared between all the winners of that game each day. When I got a top 100 score of the day in a card game there recently, my share of the Zackpot was 13 TCredits – and it was a free game I’d played too!
  • Just play any Eager Zebra game (free or not) at TripleClicks and get an automatic free entry into the TripleClicks Daily Crown drawing, where you stand a chance to be one of the daily prize winners of things like 5 TCredits (25 winners), 50 Member Rewards Points (100 winners), or even a $20 TripleClicks gift certificate (2 winners).

So, when are you going to start your online shopping at TripleClicks? How about right now! Visit TripleClicks and sign up for free right now!

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