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Paid Surveys in South Africa – What to Look For

This paid surveys in South Africa information – or tips on what to look for – is for helping South Africans who want to learn more about paid surveys in South Africa, and who are thinking of joining some online survey sites.

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Hopefully South Africans don’t just jump in at the deep end when they start thinking about paid surveys in South Africa. South Africans should do a little Internet research or homework first, to be more sure of the online survey sites that they’re thinking of joining, and to learn a little more about how best to go about making money or earning other rewards from doing paid surveys in South Africa.

South Africans (and everyone, really) should also be aware that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that they can make a lot of money from doing paid surveys in South Africa. Online surveys should mostly be done for fun, to pass time, and to enjoy the SMALL rewards one might get for completing online surveys.

I’ve approached the research for this paid surveys in South Africa information as if I myself was looking for 3 or 4 online survey sites to join, although, personally, I’m not all that interested in doing online surveys – I would perhaps be if I could afford to spend time doing them, since they are quite fun to do (I have done a few in the past, on myiyo) but stopped before I earned enough to cash out) but right now I’m concentrating on other forms of income, working from home.

The types of things I’m looking for – and that perhaps you should look for too:

– Does the survey site definitely pay South Africans, or does one have to live in another specific country? Read the FAQ and Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions on survey sites!

– Which survey sites or survey companies are not given poor results on scam testing sites so that I know that they’re not a scam survey site or scam survey company.

– Survey sites or survey companies to avoid – they are often the ones that ask for a joining fee, that promise that you may earn a lot of money, or that have a high minimum cash out amount that you may never reach.

– What sort of payment or rewards I might receive for doing surveys offered by that survey site or survey company: entries into prize draws, gift vouchers, products, or cash – and if that cash is via EFT, PayPal or cheque.

– If the online survey site has a Facebook page, then how many likes that page has – this can sometimes be seen directly in a side bar on their site instead of one having to visit their actual Facebook page

– What the average South African survey taker is saying about some paid surveys in South Africa – in reviews, forums, on Facebook, on their own sites, etc

– What the average South African survey taker is saying about how much they earn doing paid surveys in South Africa, and how often they reach the minimum cash out amount.

– Sites that want bank details – I’d avoid those.

Finding the above information or answers can help one decide which online survey sites to join, or which online survey sites to avoid.

Two sites to learn more about Paid Surveys in South Africa

surveycompare.co.za – paid surveys
SurveyCompare South Africa gives details about several different survey companies, so you can compare things like the types of rewards you’d get if you complete their surveys, what the value of points are that you earn for doing surveys, and what the minimum cash out amount is. I can see on their site that their Facebook page currently has over 160 000 likes. SurveyCompare has some excellent articles too, that can help you learn how best to go about taking surveys.

hellopeter.com – search reports – keyword: “surveys”
hellopeter.com is a site where people go to make complaints. This particular page is a list of complaints that contain the word “surveys” in them. Have a look through the list and read any that are about online survey sites. You can also use the search bar on the top left of that hellopeter.com page to do another search, perhaps using the name of a specific online survey site or company, to see if there have been any complaints about it.

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