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Pots and Pans Modern Tinker as a Flea Market Idea

Modern pots and pans tinkers have no need to travel, as they can operate their business from home, selling the fruits of their labour through several sources, including at their local flea market.

Old unused pots, pans and kettles can be obtained from many places. Garage clean outs, estate sales, and auctions, are just a few of the places one can source a supply of old pots and pans. Many of the pots will be aluminium, and many of the pans will have had Teflon coating that has been damaged. These pots and pans will benefit from a general cleaning, using an industrial-strength oven cleaner, and a once over with a wire brush.

Cast iron utensils can receive similar treatment, but, for appearance sake, try not go through the blackening when wire brushing.

Stainless steel pots and pans with copper bases can receive the oven cleaner treatment, but a bit more care with the wire brush. A buffing with a polishing compound at the end will be good.

The occasional gem will be found, when you land a copper pot or pan. Once again, a good cleaning finished off with a polish will ensure a good resale price.

Many of the more special pots and pans will possibly need their handles replaced. It may be worth it to do a good job of replacing or adding handles to your pots and pans.

You can be a pots and pans modern tinker at your local flea market even if you don’t have a lot of space in your car for packing in too many pots and pans. Pack carefully by stacking smaller pots and pans in larger pots and pans, and you may be surprised at how many pots and pans you can fit into your car, for their trip to the flea market location

Hang your pots and pans within your flea market stall area, and let your clients browse around your clanking, clattering collection of metalware.

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