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Preparing and Selling Party Packs

How much would it cost you to start preparing and selling party packs? Nothing. Preparing and selling party packs is a particularly great work from home opportunity for mothers.

Mothers selling party packs immediately have a target market at their disposal – no advertising costs! Mothers are attending kids birthday parties all the time, or at least dropping their children off at birthday parties.

Moms see a lot of other moms, often. Moms are chatty and spend ages in school parking lots chatting to each other.

You could either tell other moms about your party packs in person, or make inexpensive or even free (using materials from home) cute little homemade business cards to give to other moms.

You could type up and print out the different party pack options (listing the ingredients of each different option) and prices on one A4 size sheet of paper and make a few photocopies. Hand them out to other moms.

Many moms are very busy and would love the convenience of being able to order your kiddies party packs.

You would:
take an order,
get paid,
go get all the goodies,
separate the goodies into party bags or party packets,
call the mom to come over and collect the party packs when they are ready,
or charge a little extra and deliver the party packs

What do you charge for?

The exact cost of the goodies,

The exact cost of the bags or packets,

For your petrol,

plus a little extra,

For your time for going to purchase the goodies and to separate them into different party bags or party packets,

For the phonecall you might make to let a mom know that her birthday boy or girl’s party packs are ready,

If the moms want the party packs delivered, charge more petrol money

How do you know how much to charge for your party packs?
Go to a store or two, with notepad and pen or pencil in hand, and jot down the prices (and quantities) of various goodies.

At home, look at your list of goodies, quantities and prices, and work out combinations of the different goodies, and make up lists of ingredients or items for different options of party packs. Add up the individual ingredients for each different type of party pack.

Perhaps charge a little less for each party pack if more than just a few party packs are ordered, for eg if one party pack will cost a mom R30, charge R28 each for 5, R27 each for 10, R20 each for 20 etc etc – this should hopefully entice moms to buy more party packs. You don’t want to make your prices too high otherwise the moms will just choose to go and buy their own party packs, or ingredients or items for their own party packs, and do the preparing of the party packs themselves.

Different items you could include in the kiddies party packs

Think age appropriate. Do not add difficult-to-eat or hard sweets to party packs meant for toddlers.

Perfect, and easy-to-eat items in a party pack for toddlers may include:

big puffy chips,
little puddings or jellies,
Get creative

A nice creative touch, and different too, would be to make all the items that go into your party packs yourself. Homemade goodies galore.

More free advertising ideas for your kiddies party packs

Get a free Blogger blog. Describe your different party pack options and prices on the blog. Once you have a few orders, you could take photos of the ingredients or items that go into each party pack for the different party pack options, or at least just list them, and you could also take photos of the different options of bags or packets you offer. Display the photos on your blog. Perhaps you may want to simply decorate some brown paper bags.

Put your Blogger blog address onto your homemade business cards.

Link to your Blogger blog from your facebook profile page, or even start a facebook page for your party packs – give your blog or facebook page or business (or all three) a cute and catchy name.

Put your contact details or blog address (or both) directly on the party packs too.

Stick up A4 size simple black and white home-printed information posters on community notice boards.

Stick the same poster into the back window of your car.

Have fun, and enjoy the extra income that this preparing and selling party packs work from home opportunity can bring you.

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