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SFI Easy Daily Routine to Help Beginners Move Forward

I’ve been working at trying to make money at SFI for only 3 weeks now, so still have a long way to go and lots to still learn, but this SFI easy daily routine of mine has been helping, and may help other SFI beginners move forward too, so here it is.

My daily routine with SFI:

I log in and I start on my SFI alerts or to do list page.

Note: all my getting started actions on the SFI site are already done – you should try get all those completed first.

1. I read the alerts and then I click the blue button at the bottom of that page to be awarded an extra Daily Grand entry.

2. I click the “win it” tab and on that page click the enter button to be in with a chance of winning a Daily Grand prize.

3. On the grey/black navigation bar, I click the last one “TripleClicks”

4. if I need to log in at TripleClicks it’s the same log in details as my SFI account, then I click “games” from the tabs at the top.

5. I scroll down to the 2nd last game and click “play” to go and enter the T-Time hourly draw (for free)

6. I go back to the games tab and then play two free entry games each of card king, and knockout trivia

6/7. – while waiting for a first or 2nd game of knockout trivia to begin (10 to 15 mins or so between new knockout trivia games starting) I browse around at TripleClicks reading and learning anything and/or sharing a product, maybe two, to my Facebook page

8. I also open my Facebook page (remembering to check if the knockout trivia game is about to start, or I’ll go back to Facebook afterwards) and I’ll look at and like and maybe share some things from my Facebook friends or may also write another general status update on my Facebook page etc etc – I can’t expect people to be interested in the Triple Clicks products I promote if I’m never interested in the things they write or share, or if all I ever do is promote things on my own profile page and never take the time to write or share other things of interest.

9. Back at my SFI to do list page: I work from left to right with the red tabs at the top of the page, doing whatever is required to make them turn green for the day – other than hardly ever the EZ and PB tabs which require TCredits to be used (TCredits can either be earned, won or bought, and if one has just a few, one should carefully consider how one would like to use them, as there are several different ways to use TCredits).

9/10. While doing what is required to make my red tabs on my SFI to do list pages turn green for the day, I read and learn what is on the page, and also sometimes follow links to read and learn more.

11. Back on the to do list page: I look at the list of what can be done to score more versa points – and I do anything I can – including two in the daily actions list that are not also in the green (or red) tabs across the top – survey responses, and checking out latest items at triple clicks (must click the link, not go to Triple Clicks directly, to score that versa point).

12. Review my SFI account VP Ledger page and see if I can get more versa points by doing things there.

ps, just doing these actions above – my getting started actions and then working with the above routine – got me my SFI membership to be changed from Affiliate to Executive Affiliate within 10 days. Also, tomorrow is 3 weeks that I’ve been as SFI (I joined SFI on the 1st of May 2015) and, currently, I’m in the 4th round of the SFI E365 Entrepreneur Challenge, and suspect I will go through to the 5th round too – learn more about this E365 Entrepreneur Challenge in another blog post I wrote two days ago.

13. OTHER, and whenever I can get a chance to – the more the better:

a) go through other tabs on the site, and on the TripleClicks site, and follow links from those pages too – in other words, read and learn and revise as much as I can. Perhaps spend some time in the forum reading, learning, even responding or starting my own new thread.

b) put into action anything I’ve been learning about

c) surf a little in free manual traffic exchange sites I belong to so that my own pages can also get seen (SFI gateway pages and/or SFI banners that lead to SFI gateway pages)

d) perhaps write a new post for my own personal site about SFI – with links or banners in it of course, that if clicked go to my SFI gateway pages (all affiliates can use these gateway pages for free), that contain my referral/id number

e) Support my affiliates (affiliates I’ve gotten on my own, or that have been re-assigned to me by my sponsor or somebody in my upline team, or that I’ve been assigned co-sponsor of). I try send an ecard to each new affiliate of mine asap, with some words of my own too, welcoming them and letting them know I’m available to answer questions etc via email, and including a few tips and links to help them get started easily – you get an email when there’s a new affiliate in your team, and you can follow the link in that email to their profile, where there’s an ecard link.

f) Whenever I’m on the SFI site or on the TripleClicks site (this may be several times a day and may just be for a short while each time), I remember to visit the games tab on TripleClicks and then enter the T-Time drawing. There is a drawing every hour, and I might win two TCredits! (see point 5 in my list higher up on this page).

I’m still learning all about SFI myself, but I feel these actions above are “getting me there” (helping me advance forward with SFI).

I hope this was helpful.

© Copyright Teresa Schultz 2015

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