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Some Kinds of Advertising Need Their Own Advertising

Some kinds of advertising need their own advertising in order to be good kinds of advertising. What on earth does that mean?

Let’s back up first, though, just very briefly: If you’re interested in advertising your business, you already know that you are likely to get more clients or customers through the advertising of your business. if you didn’t yet know why you don’t have any clients or customers, or only very few, well, it’s because you need to advertise your business, and you haven’t yet.

Then, heading closer to why some kinds of advertising need their own advertising, first we need to make something else clear:

How effectively you advertise can increase how many customers or clients you get. To advertise effectively may take a lot of money or a lot of time, or both. To advertise effectively you need to market to your target market, have many people in your target market seeing your adverts, and your adverts need to look good and provide the info your target market wants or needs.

Okay, we’re there: How is it that some kinds of advertising need their own advertising?

A simple example of how some kinds of advertising need their own advertising is that of advertising your business on a poster. You may have a lovely poster advertising your business, but it’s gathering dust under your bed or is tucked away in a large cupboard in your office. The poster needs to be advertised so that your advertising can be seen.

How do you advertise a poster?
– you stick it up where some people can see it

How do you advertise a poster more effectively?
– you stick it up where many people can see it
– you stick it up in areas that your target market frequents
– you make it stand out from any other posters that are also stuck up nearby
– you make people look at the poster or you speak about it and point at it

Let’s move to online advertising now:

How do you advertise a business online?

You publish information and preferably photos too (the information and photos make up your “advert” or your advertising) on a website page – on a website page that may be on your own website or that may be on another website.

And there, on some website, your “advert” sits. Nobody comes and looks at your “advert” because you haven’t advertised it, or haven’t advertised it effectively enough.

Having a good product or offering a good service doesn’t mean that you’ll get clients or customers.

Advertising your product or service doesn’t mean you will get clients or customers either, or that you will get more clients or customers, unless you also advertise your advertising, and unless you effectively advertise your advertising.

There’s a lot more to advertising than meets the eye – and it’s not going to meet anyone’s eye if it’s tucked away somewhere, gathering dust.

Generally, the kinds of advertising methods that are the best advertising methods, are the advertising methods that include effective advertising of the “advert” – wherever that advert may be.

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