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Nahoon Point parkrun again

So I did the Nahoon Point parkrun again. In fact, several times since the last time I wrote about it. One to go, then we take a rest from the parkrun, to take photos. The parkrun Saturday was remarkable, for its almost unremarkableness. It started, it finished. But it’s what happened before the start that made this particular parkrun remarkable…

5km parkrun – My 4th Nahoon Point 5km parkrun

Nahoon Point 5km parkrun

What a day to do a Nahoon Point 5km parkrun. It’s raining in East London today, 4 April 2015, it’s Easter weekend, we were both a little chesty when we woke up this morning, we had to push the car to start, we were worried about running out of petrol as had no time to stop at a garage along the way, and we arrived with just 2 minutes to spare before the 5km parkrun started. But, hey, another 5km parkrun …

Nahoon Point parkrun 3

I did my third Nahoon Point parkrun on Saturday past – 28 March 2015. It was also my third parkrun ever. After last week’s disastrous finish for my 2nd parkrun, which left me just a tad knackered – as well as a little disoriented, with a few minor chest pains, I decided to take the whole run easier. At my age, and my level of fitness, with my weight problem, even thinking of running should have …

Saturday Morning Nahoon Point parkrun

part of Nahoon Point parkrun

Absolutely nothing unusual about Nahoon Point parkrun being on a Saturday morning. parkrun internationally is a Saturday Morning thing. As I sit here writing this I so wish I was one of the Elect Few who have no control over their working hours – being made to slave away at the whim of another. But no. I do control my Saturday morning activities. We made the decision to limit our Craft Market activities during the year, which automatically gave us Saturday mornings, free and clear.

1 Nahoon Point parkrun 2 Nahoon Point parkrun Runs in East London

almost at the finish of the Nahoon Point parkrun

After my 1st Nahoon Point parkrun I just had to do another. Now it’s 2 Nahoon Point parkrun runs down and many more to go! My first Nahoon Point parkrun was a week ago, the 136th one, on 14 March 2015, and this morning I did my second Nahoon Point parkrun, the 137th one. I cannot recall what made me suddenly decide to start doing some Nahoon Point parkrun runs. Perhaps it’s because my eldest son has now done 39 Sunrise on Sea parkrun runs, and because I used to run a lot in my younger years, and …

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