Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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Difference Between WordPress Pages and WordPress Posts

Being able to tell the difference between WordPress pages and WordPress posts is usually easier to understand if you’re a blogger or if you already own your own blog or site and add content to that site yourself. First time website owners or blog owners who don’t usually spend much time online may struggle to understand the difference between WordPress pages and WordPress posts. The confusion may be related to …

Bubblews Interview

Interview with the owners of Bubblews Speak Freely; Write Your World is the motto of Bubblews and its owners, and how true that is when Arvind and Jason even invite Bubblews members to conduct interviews with them. Having enjoyed being a member of Bubblews since late July 2013, I could not ignore the invitation to do a Bubblews Interview.

Easy To Make Money Writing Online at Bubblews

It is easy to make money writing online at Bubblews.You can write about almost anything, and only about 100 words are needed per page – write about what your dog had for supper, what you ate for supper, what you did yesterday, or what you bought at the shop today. It is easy to write only 100 words. Well, the minimum is 400 characters, which is about 100 words. Exactly how long is 400 characters?

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