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Tea Under the Trees at Tea in the Trees in Cintsa

Well, we didn’t have tea under the trees at Tea in the Trees in Cintsa. We bought a muffin under a tree, and ate the muffin and drank the water we’d brought with, under another tree, at our craft market stand at Tea in the Trees, Cintsa, on Sunday.

Some other visitors to Tea in the Trees did have tea under the trees, though, or coffee, or brunch or lunch. Some of the visitors to Tea in the Trees in Cintsa even ate or drank beneath the teapot tree on Sunday.

Teapots at Tea in the Trees

Teapots at Tea in the Trees

When we ate from one side of our muffin we didn’t grow small, and when we ate from the other side of our muffin we didn’t grow tall. Neither did we follow a rabbit down a rabbit hole, but we did follow a brass band down a little path.

brass band at Tea in the Trees

Brass band at Tea in the Trees

Tree stump seating at Tea in the Trees

Tree stump seating at Tea in the Trees, at the outdoor theatre.

To the side of the little path were rows of tree stumps, upon which sat a few people who had also followed the brass band down that little path.

The people were sitting between and under the trees, in the forest theatre, all facing a little outdoor wooden deck or stage in the forest.

Upon the wooden deck, the brass band played, but not for long.

Forest theatre at Tea in the Trees

Forest theatre at Tea in the Trees

Soon, the brass band was off up the path again, and they went marching and playing through and past the diners seating area, and through and past the craft market stall holders’ craft stalls.

I was disappointed that I saw no fairies, because had I seen any fairies, I wouldn’t have been surprised had I seen fairies sipping tea under the trees, and I would have simply said “hello.”

Although this was our first visit to Tea in the Trees in Cintsa, I know I will again feel like Alice in Wonderland the next time Tony and I take the drive out to the Cintsa Bay turnoff, on the East Coast Resorts Road (Schaefli Road) and pop in at Tea in the Trees again.

I’ve been feeling stressed out and a visit to Tea in the Trees was just what I needed. In next to no time at all, after helping Tony set up our craft market table, I felt relaxed, and focused. What a delightful place Tea in the Trees is.

Do go to the loo if you go to Tea in the Trees. Charming. Like the people who were there. From the owner to her staff, to the diners, the browsers, and other craft market sellers, everyone was charming, friendly, and chatty.

beachy craft stall at Tea in the Trees market day

beachy craft stall at Tea in the Trees market day – although we will be cancelling our beachy.co.za site, we will still sell our items as “beachy” – not beachu! – forgot to pull out the tail of the y before taking the photo. We make and sell sea glass jewellery and glasses Tony cuts from bottles.

We had a good day too – we sold a dinner gong (that Tony cut from a glass bottle and added a dangling piece of sea glass inside as the noisemaker) after another craft market seller went wandering off with it trying to sell it for us, and we sold eight sets of glasses (that Tony cut from glass bottles) too.

Kids played in the sandy-floored kids outdoor playground area, or went on a pony ride, where they were led up and down the grassy parking area. Each child that went on that pony ride sat on the pony like a proud queen or king, head held high, or maybe they were looking for fairies in or under the trees.

A pony ride at Tea in the Trees

A pony ride at Tea in the Trees

People ate, drank tea under the trees, visited, chatted and strolled about. People bought food, tea, coffee or cooldrink, and craft items. Tea in the Trees craft market sellers sold their products, and between selling, strolled about too.

We were just meant to sell, not buy, but couldn’t resist buying a homemade muffin from one of the craft market sellers, some homemade olive oil soap from another craft market seller, and some divine homemade feta cheese from another. Almost bought a really lovely arty pair of pants, but kept that for something to look forward to getting during another visit to Tea in the Trees in the future.

It is the first Sunday of each month that Tea in the Trees has a market day, when craft market sellers display and sell their crafts and other interesting or edible items, but any day that Tea in the Trees is open is a good day to go exploring under the trees.

There’s no need to follow a rabbit down a rabbit hole at Tea in the Trees. When you’re at Tea in the Trees you’re already in Wonderland.

Visit the Tea in the Trees website at teainthetrees.com

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