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Too Many Hubs Published on HubPages?

My content below used to be published on HubPages, but I deleted it from HubPages on the 1st of June 2013. I wrote and published this content on HubPages on the 15th of August 2011. During its time published on HubPages (a little over 21 months) it received 107 views and 23 comments (some of the comments were my own, replying to people who had commented)

Scared to Add Lots of Hubs to HubPages Dilemma

Sorting Out Dilemmas in My Head

I often talk to myself, or, at least, write to myself. I make lists too. Sometimes I think I plan or think too much instead of just doing, but I’m making progress. I’m improving. See, I’m writing about this dilemma instead of just thinking about it, or instead of scribbling down some notes only I can read.

Why am I scared to add lots of hubs to HubPages?

Well, it’s very easy to publish lots of hubs on HubPages. I could just write and write. I’m not the owner of the site and don’t have to worry about hosting fees or domain registration renewal fees, or anything that could prevent me from simply just concentrating on writing.

I also see that some hubbers have many articles published on HubPages, indicating that they have already done what I fear to do, and they seem to be earning nice amounts from their efforts.

The problem comes in with the fact that I earn more from using Adsense on one of my own sites than I do from using Adsense on HubPages. I need this extra income that I make from Google Adsense. It comes quite easily from one of my own sites.

Now, if I just wrote and published hubs instead of publishing them on my own site, I would ultimately be neglecting publishing more articles on a site of my own, a site that I already know earns me a greater extra income more easily.

Let’s Compare Adsense Earnings

I added a blog to one of my sites in March 2011. From then until 5 and a half months later I had written, and added 50 articles to this blog.

I have been a member of HubPages for 13 months now, (as at 15th of August 2011) and prior to this hub, have written and added 42 hubs to HubPages.

Adsense earnings from HubPages in those 13 months?

Just over $30.

Adsense earnings from my own blog in 5 and a half months?

Just over $100.

This is just from that blog I added to that site; that site also earns me a bit, as do some of my other sites.

What To Do?

I’ve been working from home for 3 and a half years now, (as at August 2011) and do not have a steady monthly income. My earnings are not yet all that great. I need the extra income I earn from Adsense and I enjoy working at increasing these earnings whenever I get the chance to.

With that said, it seems the only sensible thing to do is to add all and any articles I write to only my own sites, but seeing that others are doing well with HubPages and have added many hubs tempts me to try to do the same.

HubPages Dilemma Solution, I Think

I must continue to concentrate more on my own sites, but still add the odd hub to HubPages here and there, when I have the time to.

Why? – when I can obviously earn more from pubishing articles on my own sites, and when I need that money?

This is why: HubPages has a fantastic community, and I can’t just leave. HubPages has also helped me increase my earnings that I make on my own sites. I have used many tips other hubbers have given and explained, in my attempts to make money working from home. I can also make use of HubPages in some of my hubs by linking to one of my articles on my own sites.

All sorted then, and thanks for reading about my dilemma, and for putting up with me “talking to myself!” Hopefully my conclusions can help others who have a similar dilemma.

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