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Types of Places to Sell Your Product You Make at Home

Types of places to sell your product from or to is the next thing you need to give attention to once you’re happy with your product you make at home.

Even though your product is a product you make at home, this doesn’t mean that you have to sell it only from home too. There are other types of places to sell your product, too.

List of Types of Places to Sell your Product you Make at Home:

Sell your products:

From your home;

At a flea market, craft market or farmers market, or to somebody who sells at flea markets or craft markets, who can buy your products, mark them up, and resell them for a profit;

Flea market style, but outside a shop or in the parking lot of a shop or mall, if the owners allow you to;

Flea market style, but at events where a lot of people gather, if the organizers of the events allow you to;

On a website (your own or somebody else’s), where you display photos of your products, and information about your products, and where you take orders, and deliver or post your products to your customers;

At some shops that sell similar items, if the shop owner is happy to display a few of your items, and take a commission for giving you the space and handling the sales for you;

If your product is something that people can eat or drink, approach the management of the canteen or tuckshop at different schools;

If your product is artwork or photography, approach a few galleries to see if they will display your work (and they will take a commission if your work sells), or doctors waiting rooms, lawyers waiting rooms, or other places with waiting rooms where you might be allowed to display your artworks on the walls of their waiting rooms, in return for a commission when the artworks are sold – try some restaurants and hotels too;

Keep your eyes and ears open for people advertising garage sales. Perhaps call them and ask if they would mind if you display a few of your products at their garage sale. You would pay them a fixed amount, of course, or give them a percentage of your sales.

You can also consider offering part time work to a few people who can sell your products for you. You just give them a commission.

Remember that working from home does not mean you have to stay in your home all day; you can find a variety of places to sell your product from or to.

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