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Types of Ways to Make Extra Money

What types of ways to make extra money are there?

Before deciding on any one particular way to make extra money, you should think about which type of way to make extra money suits you best.

When splitting the different ways to make extra money into categories, or types, we think of general methods of making money:

Offline or online could be the two main categories, then each of those two categories can be further split up into:
Offering a service (and doing the work);
Selling a product (and doing the work related to selling that product);
Working (when working is not directly related to offering a service or selling a product)

for eg (online) making money online from writing and publishing your articles online, for your own sites or for online writing sites,

or, for eg (offline) teaching others how to do a service that you can earn from, or how to sell a product that you can earn from (teaching or managing others.)

Sometimes, both offline and online types of ways to make extra money may interest you at once, for eg you may make something that you sell at a profit, or you may buy something that you sell at a profit, perhaps from home, or at flea markets or craft markets once a week or so, but you may also wish to advertise those products on a website of your own.

While advertising what you sell online, on your site, you may also wish to monetize your site in other ways too:

You may wish to advertise a service you offer related to the product that you are selling. Perhaps you are seling handmade clothing. You could also offer a sewing service.

You may wish to join some affiliate programs or ad programs and display ads on your site (related to your main topic.)

To get lots of visitors to your site, so that more people will buy your products, hire you for your services, and click your affiliate program or ad program ads so that you can earn commissions, you have to work at getting those visitors to your site (by writing lots of interesting articles for your site – related to the main topic of your site of course – so that Search Engines like Google will find your site more easily. You should try to link to your site from lots of other sites too.)

As you start to explore the different types of ways to make extra money, you will automatically notice that the different types of ways to make extra money all blend together, even if only one main item is your main topic (in the example further above, your main item being clothing.)

Attempting to make extra money can be an educational and rewarding experience, sometimes even a great adventure!

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