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Want to Start a Blog? Get a Domain and Hosting from the Start!

If you want to start a blog, why is it a good idea to get a domain and hosting from the start? You could start a blog for free, where you don’t need to register a domain or get hosting. Why bother to get a domain and hosting for your blog right from the start?

Try not to be in so much of a hurry to start a blog that you don’t first consider a few things.

Several reasons why it may be a good idea to get a domain and hosting from the start, before you start a blog:

Should you decide to get a domain and hosting only later, you’ll probably want to move all your content over from your free blog, instead of starting from scratch again. You can avoid any trouble or expense regards moving your content over.

You don’t want to have two sites with the same content (should you keep your old free blog and copy paste your content to your new blog) as search engines like Google may give more authority (better search results) to the first site that had that content on it.

Starting a new blog with a registered domain and hosting only later, even if you cancel the old free blog, and move your content over to get off to a good start, may still be like starting from scratch as it is the other free blog that has been aging (has been on the Internet for longer – a good thing) and not your new blog.

Getting a domain registered, and getting hosting for your blog, may not be as expensive as you think.

You can still use a free theme ( for example a free theme from over 1 500 to choose from at WordPress.org on your blog that has a domain and hosting, so can still keep your costs down.

Just because you have your own domain and hosting doesn’t mean you’re going to struggle to manage your site or need it to be managed by somebody else. WordPress is a particularly popular and relatively easy blogging platform to use ( the WordPress Content Management System installation on your hosted domain, not wordpress.com ).

Many people consider it more professional to have or view a site or blog that has it’s own domain and hosting.

You can feel more proud owning your own blog rather than using a free blogging platform like wordpress.com or Blogger (blogspot.com blogs), and this may entice you to work harder at your site, which in turn may help you make more money from blogging.

How many really successful bloggers do you know of that use totally free blogs as their blogs?

Want to start a blog? Get a domain and hosting from the start!
Note: For a blog powered by WordPress your hosting should support PHP and have at least one MySQL data base. You should also try get hosting that has unlimited bandwidth or quite a bit of bandwidth, and reasonable disk space. Also look our for getting too much disk space that you may not necessarily need. You can get a cheaper hosting package with a smaller amount of disk space, and upgrade only later if you need to. Have a look at domain and hosting prices on the Internet, and compare services, packages and prices. Or visit our CMS Website for more info – our websites are WordPress powered, and can be used as blogs. We also offer domain registration and hosting services.

You can also see what is required to start a blog, in our Make Money From Blogging in South Africa – Start a Blog! post.

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