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Weaving for Fun or Making Money

Weaving is fun to do and is easy enough for both kids and adults who don’t consider themselves too crafty.

The fun part about weaving is that as one does more and more weaving, one starts thinking about all sorts of things one can make from a finished piece of weaving

weaving - woven mat or rag rug

weaving – woven mat or rag rug

– and one may be able to make some money from selling those woven items,

or save some money by giving your woven items away as gifts at birthday times or at Christmas time, instead of buying gifts.

What is weaving?

Weaving is when you start with creating or preparing your loom – which could be something as simple and inexpensive as a box with tiny slits cut on two sides of it, and thread strong wool, thick thread or even string across the box to form the warp.

The warp is the area of threads strung across the loom, so that you have a whole lot of threads filling up the entire top area of the open box, running across the open space, from side to side, about 1 or 2 cm apart.

The warp should be firm, so secure each side of each string at the sides of the box – or, use one long thread and go back and forth across the open space, just catching the thread at the slits on either side of the box (The slits are 1 to 2 cm apart along two opposite sides of the box).

Now you’re ready to weave:

Use string, wool, sisal, strips of material, whatever your creative mind can think of, and weave the thread of whatever you’ve chosen in over and under the warp threads, back and forth, until you’re done. Tie off the ends, and you have a square or a rectangle of creativity! You can try some different weaving techniques too, as you get more experienced.

Depending on what materials you are using, you can turn your woven masterpieces into bags, mats, placemats, and more.

Think big, think small: bedspreads for big beds; bedspreads for dolls beds, mats or carpets for dolls, mats for your bathroom, for in front of your front door, oh, and of course for selling to others.

Get creative and enjoy weaving as a work at home job, and make it work for you. Weave your way into a fun and rewarding little own business.

So, get to it! Think of different materials and threads you might use:

Cut up plastic packets into a long strip (weave a plastic hat for gardening when it’s drizzling)

Cut up an old towel and make a bag or mat for the bathroom.

Use old stockings (nylons) for your material or “thread” that you’re going to weave through the warp on the loom.

Don’t use any thread at all, but make a nice big chunky mat out of using a long “thread” of old rags (clean rags!) or strips of scrap material that you’ve tied together.

Or use only thick thread like sisal and make a beachcomber bag for when you go trundling around on the beach collecting shells and small pebbles.

Cut strips from an old raincoat to make a waterproof bag.

Weave strips of strong colourful paper or card instead of material and thread, to make cute and attractive gift bags.

Sell your products at flea markets or craft markets, from a blog or website, to your friends, supply some to a larger outlet, just get creative!

Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!

Happy weaving!

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