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Website Traffic from Facebook not much? Try tsu!

Have you been trying to get website traffic from Facebook and have just ended up feeling disappointed? Website traffic from Facebook may not be much because maybe your Facebook friends and family just don’t get that clicking your website links (or links to your other online stuff) or that sharing these links to their own Facebook profiles may help you earn more money.

It is sometimes difficult for Facebook friends and family to understand how important it is to you that your links are clicked or shared, when your family and friends are using Facebook mostly to socialize or relax.

Have you thought of joining tsu and leaving your website links there instead
– or as well – in an effort to get some more free website traffic?

Why might website traffic from tsu be a little more than website traffic from Facebook?

While you can join tsu simply to interact with and catch up with your family and friends (just relax and socialize), quite a few business-minded or marketing-minded people are flocking to join tsu too, or are already there.

Business-minded people or marketing-minded people are more likely to understand you and your goals than your family and friends who just hang out on Facebook for fun do.

Why are business-minded and marketing-minded people flocking to join tsu?

One’s activity (posting and sharing the posts of other people etc) on tsu can earn one a little extra income.

One can build a network of people on tsu (by inviting others to join too) and one can earn from the activity of those people too.

One can encourage those you’ve invited (and who have joined) to invite others to join too – and you can even earn a bit from the activity of those members.

Many members are more likely to share your stuff to their own profiles because they’re hoping you’ll share their stuff too.

Even if you are not interested in building a network on tsu, and even if you don’t get much website traffic from tsu, it’s still one more place (like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc) that you can leave links on, in an attempt to increase website traffic or traffic to your other online stuff.

Tony and I are on tsu mostly just for interacting with others and for promoting other things we do – we’re not great at building networks – Tony has earned only about $0.02 in 5 days and I’ve earned aboutonly $0.04 in 5 days – but we don’t really mind. If our networks grow bigger it will be nice, but even if our networks don’t grow bigger we still have a new place we can use to increase website traffic or to send traffic to our online things elsewhere.

If you’d like to try increase website traffic (or traffic to your online writing site pages or YouTube videos or even to your Facebook business page) consider giving tsu a try. You can build a network too on tsu if you like, or just hang out with family and friends.

Currently tsu membership is by invitation only.
Here’s my invite: tsu – Teresa Schultz

PS, if you have a site (or page or online post or article you’ve written, or YouTube video etc) that you want to link to on tsu to try get more traffic to it,

here are some tips on how to do that well, which may get you more traffic to that page than simply just copy pasting your link to your tsu profile page:

Get Free Traffic to Your Site or Page from tsu (the tips can actually be used for any social site that you post your self-serving links to, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin too, and not just for tsu).

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