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What is SEO? For Beginners – Making a Start at SEO

What is SEO and how does one do Search Engine Optimization? Where is it that one does Search Engine Optimization?

For beginners, this is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is:

You optimize (or make better) your online text content to be more easily found by Search Engines like Google, in search results.

Glossary for the above paragraph:

more easily found
– you want the search result for your page of online content to be on page 1 of a Search Engine’s search results.

search result
– Search results are those ten (usually) different summaries you see on a page of a Search Engine like Google when you look for information about something on Google. You should find that each search result contains a title, a url (website or website page address), and 1 and a half to two lines of text.

There is off page SEO and on page SEO.

Off page SEO is what you do away from the online page of content you want to get more traffic (visitors) to, for example what you do on other sites, like leaving a link on other sites that if clicked will take the reader to your page of content.

I am discussing only what on page SEO is here:

Search Engines like Google like to give their users relevant search results, so when somebody uses certain words when they look for information on Google, Google likes to give that person search results that have those same certain words in them.

GOOGLE LIKES TO MATCH UP TEXT – text in whatever phrase somebody typed into the search bar, with text in the search results. That text in the search results is text that appears on website pages. If you don’t have any phrase or words in your page of content that matches what somebody typed typed into the search bar on Google, there is no reason for Google to give your content a Google page one search result.


Of course there can sometimes be thousands of pages of search results for whatever words (words that somebody typed into the search bar of a Search Engine when they started looking for information about something) – because there can be thousands of websites that have that same phrase.

How does one use Search Engine Optimization to increase one’s chances of getting one’s page of content a search result on page one of Google search results?

Giving you three examples below (made-up examples only; not real) of search results for some phrase somebody types into the search bar of Google when they look for information should make it quite obvious what one needs to do to optimize one’s page of content for Search Engines:

Phrase somebody types into Google:

on page search engine optimization tips

Search result example A:
On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips
http: // blah blah search (some website ) / on-page-search-engine-optimization-tips
Tired of the search for great on page Search Engine Optimization tips? These great on page Search Engine Optimization tips may help you search no more!

Search result example B:
On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips
http: // blah blah blah (some website not including the word search) / on-page-search-engine-optimization-tips
Tired of looking for great on page Search Engine Optimization tips? You can stop looking now! Use these tips to get more visitors to your page.

Search result example C:
How to Get your Online Content Found More Easily
http: // blah blah blah (some website) / how-to-get-your-online-content-found-more-easily
Tired of looking for great on page Search Engine Optimization tips? Learn how to get your online content found more easily right here!

Okay. Do you see it?
Question: Which one deserves the best search result? Which one deserves the second best search result? Which one should be given the third best search result?

Answer: They’re already in the correct order. Search result A deserves the best search result, because it has a nice amount of text that matches the search phrase somebody typed into the search bar of Google. It even has the word “search” on its own twice too.

Of course other things will factor in too, like how many links a page has that points to it from other sites, for example, but the 3 search engine result examples above should give you a good idea of what SEO is, and how to do it:

Pick a phrase you think people often use on Google when they’re looking for information on Google (how to know which phrases people often use is another post entirely)

Repeat that phrase in your text content a few times = at a keyword density of between 1% and 4% – for 1% keyword density in a 400-word post or article you’d repeat the phrase 4 times.

Use the phrase as the title of your content, or as part of the title of your content.

Use it in the first line and a half of your content. If the phrase is quite short, try and use it twice in the first line and a half of your content.

That’s a good start at on page SEO – you have done some optimizing of your content for search engines- well done.

This post in no way guarantees that you’ll get good Search Engine search results if you follow the tips here. This post merely explains what SEO is, what on-page SEO is, and gives some brief tips on how to do basic on-page SEO.

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