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Why do People Like and Use Adwords and Adsense?

What’s so great about Adsense is that the ads automatically relate to what you write about (making them more appealing to your site’s visitors to click them because they are already interested in reading what you wrote – as they may even have been looking for something on a search engine like Google, related to the content in the articles on your site, find a result for your site, click through to your site, read what you have to say, and, “oh, what’s this?”) (They notice an ad on your page ALSO related to what they were searching for, and they click it – and just like that, you have earned anything from just a few cents to as much as R25 or so for that one click.)

Adwords and Adsense:
People who want to advertise their website online set up an Adwords campaign and their ads appear on Google (those text ads right at the top of Google search results and right on the left) or they also appear as text ads or image banners on people’s sites.

They don’t pay anything for this Adwords campaign advertising upfront, but they do pay when somebody clicks their ads (and if that ad is on your site, [because you are an Adsense publisher displaying “Adsense for content” ads on your site] you earn a commission for helping them with their advertising!)

For Blogger blogs you don’t have to go and get the ads from anywhere – after you fill in your Adsense Publisher ID in the “monetize” settings in your Blogger blog, you go to the “design” settings page, add an Adsense gadget to where you would like it displayed on your site, and within that Adsense gadget there are settings to choose which size of ad you would like to display, and you can even set the colours of it.

If you are displaying these ads on a site that has it’s domain registered and that has hosting, then things are a little different, but not that much more difficult – you would log into your Adsense publisher account, select “Adsense set up” then “select “adsense for content” and follow the steps through from there until you get a page with the coding for your ad, that you would copy and paste into the html coded page of your website or into a text widget (the same as a Blogger “gadget”) in your self-hosted WordPress blog.

If deciding to monetize your site by becoming an Adsense publisher, always be sure to first go through the Adsense program policies with a fine tooth comb, because if you fail to follow any of the Adsense rules, your Adsense Publisher account may be disabled, and very few Adsense publishers manage to get their accounts back again.

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