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Why I Sometimes Remove My Articles from HubPages

Sometimes I remove my articles from HubPages. HubPages is a writing site, free to join. At HubPages writers can be part of a community of writers, publishing their writing on the site, and can earn money from their efforts.

While some HubPages members (known as hubbers) write and publish hubs (articles) purely for being involved in the community of HubPages and simply because they enjoy writing, other writers are members at HubPages because they’d like to earn from their writing efforts. I am one of those writers who besides enjoying writing, also likes to earn from my writing efforts.

Tony and I work from home, and earn money from various sources and different kinds of work that we do. It’s not always easy working from home, so we need to make the best of all money making opportunities that we come across and use.

I sometimes remove my articles from HubPages because they’re not doing much for me on HubPages, and may serve me better elsewhere, like on my own site. I would always like to keep some articles (or hubs) on HubPages, perhaps a minimum of 50, so as I remove the worst performing ones, I do sometimes also write and add new articles to HubPages too.

I don’t have to remove my articles from HubPages for my articles to earn me more or for them to get more attention (more traffic) but when one is involved in all sorts of methods of earning income from home, or in methods of earning extra income or passive income, one does what one thinks is best, and what one thinks takes the least time.

To remove my articles from Hubpages in order to republish them elsewhere and to work with (market) them elsewhere, is one way of trying to earn more from my original HubPages articles. Another way for my hubs (articles) to do better is to leave them on HubPages and to edit them to improve them, or to add more content to them, and also to market them more.

Simply leaving one’s hubs on HubPages and working at improving them, and working at marketing them more, may be the best option, rather than removing one’s articles from HubPages, especially when one doesn’t have one’s own site on which to publish one’s writing,

but I prefer to write and add articles to my own site, where:

I don’t have to share any ad earnings with the owner of a site,

don’t have to worry about whether the site owner will allow my articles to be indexed by search engines or not,

and where I can also promote other things Tony and I do to earn an income, without worrying about being overly promotional or how many links I add to my article.

So why don’t I remove all my articles from HubPages?

I don’t remove all my articles from HubPages because I have earned a bit from HubPages, and because I like being a part of the writing community at HubPages – I want more than just two or three hubs published at HubPages while being part of the community at HubPages.

Also, having a few hubs at HubPages means they sometimes get comments, and it forces me to pop in at HubPages to moderate those comments, and I do like to reply those comments too, and most times I receive a comment, I also go and leave a comment on a hub of whoever commented on my hub. I like being forced to visit HubPages, because I often notice really valuable articles, that can teach me something useful, or I simply enjoying reading a funny, useful, or entertaining hub. I don’t see these valuable, useful, funny or entertaining hubs if I don’t visit HubPages.

Next month (July 2013) I’ve been a member at HubPages for 3 years. I’ve grown attached to the place and don’t want to delete all my hubs or not be a part of the wonderful HubPages community anymore, but from time to time, I will still remove my articles from HubPages – some of them anyway – the worst performing ones mostly, I think – and will republish them here on tant.co.za

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