Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

If you live in South Africa and need SMALL DRIFTWOOD PIECES for your driftwood decor projects or craft projects, then visit our driftwoodforsale.co.za site.
For BEACH HOUSE WALL DECOR in South Africa, see our beachy.co.za site.

Our SERVICES and PRODUCTS – in East London in South Africa

This, our Services and Products page, also gives you an idea of how we make money working from home in East London in South Africa. We offer various services, and sell various products. We make our living working from home in East London in a number of different Services and Products ways, and have been since early 2008.

We also earn a little extra income in other ways –
– passive income from blogging,
– from a free-to-join-and-do affiliate program site,
– from doing online freelance work for clients all over the world through a free-to-join-and-do online freelance job site called Upwork,
– and, occasionally, a little from “buy and sell”.

We are self-taught – simply from searching for, finding, and reading and learning free information found all over the Internet. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Put in the reading, learning, time and effort to get the results you want.

Feel free to try to learn and do any of the things we ourselves are doing. If we could read, learn, and do these things, so can you!

If you need or want any of our

Services and Products

please CONTACT US and we can start communicating! Thank you!

You can also get a better idea of our services and products by visiting three of our other sites:
Also see some of our photos by scrolling down more on this page – but read everything on this page too, of course!

but here is a brief idea of our Services and Products:

— One of our most popular services, for R820
(R300 once off and R520 renewable yearly),
.co.za domain registration (R120 renewable yearly)
site hosting (R400 renewable yearly)
basic set up (R300 once off) of your WordPress powered (CMS – Content Management System) site/blog that you’ll add your own pages, posts, content and images etc to – there are over 1000 free themes (the way the site looks) that you can change the basic default theme out for
This is your OWN site, not a subdomain of somebody else’s site.

— more elaborate WordPress powered (CMS – Content Management System) websites

— We are knowledgeable about and experienced in on-site/page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), allowing us to offer:
– existing website content editing for SEO purposes services
– SEO website writing services
– SEO blog writing services
– on-page SEO advice services (existing website page analysis reports) (SEO improvement advice)

Updating of existing websites and website pages
(using access details you provide us with, doing updates for you such as adding the content or images etc that you provide us with)

Internet Research
– Don’t have the time to spend searching for the online information you want or need? We’ll do it for you.

light Social Media Marketing
– we share the link to your site or page or YouTube video (family friendly only, please, and no affiliate links etc), and a brief SEO-rich sentence, on our own social media sites to our own followers/friends/connections – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest (Pinterest if you have a photo on your website page or if we are linking to your YouTube video)
– as at mid February 2017, the amount of our followers etc at these sites:
Facebook – Terry – 1038 friends
Twitter – Terry – 331 followers – Tony – 135 followers
Google Plus – Terry – 118 followers – Tony – 110 followers
Linkedin – Terry – 246 connections – Tony – 231 connections
Pinterest – Terry 271 followers – Tony- 86 followers

Website Image Sourcing
Photo Editing
Photography – photo shoots in East London – fun outdoor, business, products, specific items/theme

before and after photo editing example

before and after photo editing example – original photo taken at a 1st birthday party photo shoot in East London in October 2016

services and products photo editing

services and products photo editing – Terry and Tony’s “Services and Products” include Photo Editing

silhouette photo 3 people

silhouette photo 3 people – photo taken during a “friends photo shoot” in East London in January 2017, and later edited to give a high contrast effect and the resulting silhouette.

friends photo shoot in East London

“friends photo shoot” in East London – photo taken in January 2017

product photography photo shoots

product photography photo shoots – photo of earrings taken during our 2nd photo shoot for Silver Keeper in Berea in East London, in December 2016

small products photo shoots

small products photo shoots – photo of a silver bracelet taken during our 4th photo shoot for Silver Keeper in Berea in East London, in February 2017

Because these services above are online based (even the photography – we can email photographs we’ve taken, for example in the specific items/theme category of our photography services), we are able to offer these services worldwide.

Email Account Set Up services
(bring your laptop to us or we come to you)

Okay, so that was just the services part of our Services and Products!

Let’s get on to the Products part of our Services and Products! – and see more photos too!

Our flea market or craft market stand at various markets in and around East London is called beachyTanT – the “beachy” in the name should give you an idea of what most of our products are. (ps, the “TanT” part of the name stands for our names Terry and Tony).

But besides selling our “beachy” products directly at local markets, we do also advertise a little online, and do also take orders. We have, and are able to post our products throughout South Africa via Postnet.

The materials we use for our products consist of driftwood, shells, pebbles, sea glass, wood offcuts, leather offcuts, and even thorns! We like to recycle or upcycle! We also collect empty beer or other alcohol bottles and wash them and then cut them (and smooth the rims) to make drinking glasses. We also sell small driftwood pieces.

We often think of new things to make and sell, but to give you a general idea of our products for sale:

    • small driftwood pieces (use for your craft or decor projects!)
    • driftwood display stands (for necklaces, bracelets, scarves etc)
driftwood display stand

driftwood display stand – for necklaces or scarves etc and bracelets etc

    • drinking glasses (cut from beer or other alcohol bottles)
drinking glasses cut from beer bottles

drinking glasses cut from beer bottles and from other alcohol bottles – photo taken at Avalon Market near the Kidds Beach turnoff on 4 December 2016

    • necklaces – with pendants made from driftwood, wood offcuts, pebbles, sea glass, thorns, etc
    • wooden surfboard necklaces
wooden surfboard necklaces at craft market

wooden surfboard necklaces at craft market – our wooden surfboard necklaces at Avalon Market on 12 February 2017

    • bentwood style wooden rings
6 bentwood style wooden rings

6 bentwood style wooden rings

wooden ring with copper inlay

wooden ring with copper inlay

    • leather rings
    • leather bracelets
    • sea glass bracelets
white sea glass bracelets with wood beads ends

white sea glass bracelets with wood beads ends

    • sea glass earrings and other earrings
    • leather bowties
    • leather bolo ties
    • leather covers for small notebooks
    • tiny leather-cover notebooks
    • wooden cover notebooks
wooden cover notebooks

wooden cover notebooks – A7 size wooden cover notebooks

    • small beach house decor theme decor items
pebble shell driftwood flower wall hangings

pebble shell driftwood flower wall hangings

There you go! That’s all our services and products covered, we think!

In the spirit of showing your support and admiration for those who make the effort to make a living from home when unemployment is so high, and to show your support of small business, local crafts and of those who make use of recycling and upcycling, PLEASE SUPPORT US! THANK YOU!


© Copyright Teresa Schultz and Tony Flanigan 2017


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