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Extra Income Ideas List

We have found or thought of many extra income ideas. Below is a list of some extra income ideas (or titles of articles about extra income ideas).
We are particularly fond of making money from nothing – where there are no start up costs. We have used some of the extra income ideas or are still using some of the extra income ideas ourselves. We work from home.
Also see some comments from SFI affiliates at the bottom of this page
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When one can’t find a job, combining and working at a few extra income ideas often brings in enough income to make a living.

If any of the ideas seems to be earning one the most money, one can then decide if one would like to concentrate on only that one method of earning extra income – and it may turn out to be a fulltime income instead of just extra income.

One can also first learn new skills, or increase one’s knowledge about something, to be in a better position to attempt making money from that thing – there are thousands of online courses on a really wide variety of topics, some free, and some inexpensive. There are also thousands of pages online giving you free information about just about anything. Read, learn, work, and earn! SFI (see the SFI ad above) also has Internet and marketing training articles, free for (free!) members to access! Read and learn not only how to be successful with your SFI business, but with any Internet based business!


Our wish for you is that these extra income ideas below help you get to where you want to be!

The first 4 ideas on our extra income ideas list are articles on the writing site HubPages, the rest are articles on our site (this site tant.co.za)

5 Ways to Make Money When You Have None

12 Ways to Make Money from Beachcombing

How to Make Money with a Free Website

Steps to Make Money Writing Online

Over 3000 Ways to Make Money from Home – list of lists
Looking for ways to make money from home or how to earn extra money in South Africa? A list of lists totaling over 3 000 ways to make money from home! Many of these ways to make money or work from home ideas or ways to make extra money in South Africa can be used by …

Many Ways to Earn Extra Income From Home With Just This One Site
80 000 ways to earn extra income in the ad below refers to the over 80 000 products that affiliates can market and sell but there are many other ways to earn extra income from home with just this one site, too …

20 Ideas for Services You Can Offer to Earn Extra Income
If desperate to earn some extra income, consider that many people can make use of the services you can offer to save themselves the bother or time should they do these jobs themselves. Services you can offer do not have to be …

20 Work From Home Ideas for Moms
If looking for work from home ideas for moms you must be looking for something specific, because why would work from home ideas for moms be any different from …

20 Ideas on What to Sell at a Flea Market
What to sell at a flea market? Many people have wonderful ideas and make beautiful handcrafted products or gifts, but …

30 Ideas for Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market
Consider selling products at a flea market If you can’t find a job or need to earn some extra income. If you …

10 Ways We Make Money Working From Home
How we make money working from home and how you too can make money working from home. A list of 10 ways we make money from home with a short description of each. Many of these ways to make money working from home have cost us nothing to start …

80 Ideas for Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market
We have already listed 30 Ideas for Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market, as well as 20 Ideas On What To Sell at a Flea Market, but those ideas were mostly just thought of. What we’d like to do here, further below, is list 80 ideas for products you can sell at a flea market or craft market based on products we’ve actually seen for sale at flea markets or craft markets in or close to East London in South Africa …

60 Craft Ideas – List of 60 Craft Ideas
A lovely list of 60 craft ideas. Use this list of craft ideas to get creative and to make something! Hopefully these craft ideas will give you ideas on what homemade craft items to make to save on the cost of gifts, or to sell and earn some extra income…

What Sells Well at a Craft Market or Flea Market?
We have a much better idea of what sells well at a craft market or flea market now that …

How Do You Make Money With Your Own Website?

Did you think our own website was here just for fun? We make money with our own website. You can make money with your own website too …

7 Different Ways to Make Money From Your Blog With Ads on Your Blog

There are quite a few different ways to make money from your blog and at least 7 different ways that you can make money from your blog with ads on your blog …

Can South Africans Make Money Blogging in South Africa?
Yes, South Africans can make money blogging in South Africa. At one time …

Make Money From Blogging in South Africa – Start a Blog!
There are a few different ways to make money from blogging in South Africa so why not start a blog? If you want to make money from blogging in South Africa (or anywhere in the world) it’s … (includes steps to getting set up to start your own blog)

Matriculants Who Can’t Find Work Should Work From Home
There are many matriculants struggling to find work, even some matriculants who have done further studies and have a degree, but how long should a matriculant spend time looking for work before trying a different approach to earning an income? Well, if a …

List of Own Business Ideas for Matriculants
Matriculants, start your own business! More and more South African matriculants are thinking of starting their own business, or coming up with self employment ideas or work from home ideas. Why? The South African youth …

Ways To Make Money Without Paying Anything
Are there ways to make money without paying anything first? …

10 Ways to Make Money That Cost Nothing to Start
Yes, it is possble to make money in ways that cost nothing to start. Cost no money, that is. You will still have to do some work. Often quite a bit of work, but you will see that hard work usually pays off. People worry about …

Preparing and Selling Party Packs
How much would it cost you to start preparing and selling party packs? Nothing. Preparing and selling party packs is a …

Sell Greenery From Your Garden to a Florist or at a Flea Market
Leaves. In and from your Garden. Sell greenery from your garden to a florist or at a flea market. Make money from your garden. Selling greenery from your garden at a …

Hire Out Your Garden as a Kids Party Venue
Hire out your garden as a kids party venue if you have a medium sized or large garden you are proud of, and you’d like to earn extra income or work from home …

How Can I Make Extra Money?
Have you ever typed “how can I make extra money?” into the search bar of a search engine like Google? Each month, about 1 000 South Africans type “how can I make extra money?” into the search bar of Google. South Africans are looking for ways to make extra money. I think …

11 Ways to Make Money from a Room in your House
If you have a spare room in your house, or a room you could turn into a spare room, or even a room in your garden that you could use, there are …

20 Small Business Ideas
Want to start a small business? Need some small business ideas? 20 small business ideas that may perhaps help you think of even more small business ideas …

10 Ways to Use Your Computer to Work From Home
There are quire a few ways to use your computer to work from home, but how exactly is it that you can use your computer to make money? …

25 Best Times to Attempt to Make Money Online
To make money online can take some time, and because you may first need to do a lot of …

Types of Ways to Make Extra Money
Before deciding on any one particular way to make extra money, you should think about which type of way to make extra money suits you best. When …

List of 301 Work From Home Ideas
An alphabetical list of 301 work from home ideas will give you many work from home ideas, as …

Please Note: it is only members of my SFI team who can have links to their SFI page in the comments below. Thank you. Teresa Schultz

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  1. Hello Farreel

    Reading your comment, I remembered how I felt in the beginning when I had just signed up for SFI. Putting in so much time and effort into SFI and not seeing any results can have a devastating effect on one’s trust in such an affiliate program
    …BUT…working harder, putting in more effort and finally getting some active affiliates for my team really did pay off in the end.
    Yes it does take time (quite A LOT of time), but putting more effort into marketing one’s SFI links, banners and splash pages really does show some pay-off after a while – the links, banners and splash pages reach more and more people, and one’s team grows.
    Please don’t give up yet (or your dad).

    Give it more chance…
    People can learn more and join MY SFI team here:
    – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

  2. Hi Farreel.

    In light of full transparency I must state upfront that I will be resigning from SFI very soon, as my fiance is a member, is doing far better than I am, and soon we will be living in the same house (and only one SFI affiliate account is allowed per household).

    Having said that – SFI does not cost me anything, and very honestly I can tell you that I AM NOT working the system, yet SFI income covers any costs it may incur.

    I am sorry that your Dad hasn’t made it, or isn’t making it. Perhaps he needs to go back to the basics? Study the Launchpad lessons? I must also add that having a Sponsor/Team Leader who is involved, and cares, and HELPS, does go a long way to make sure a new member grows and succeeds in SFI.


    1. Hi Farreel. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for your father.
      With all due respect, however, I’d like to point out that SFI don’t promise any earnings or specific amounts of earnings. They simply provide the platform (the site – free membership), the learning materials to read (free), and the marketing materials and ideas (many of them free to make use of) and then the rest is up the affiliates themselves. It is their own business, not a job working for somebody.
      It takes time to grow any business, but of course one can earn money more quickly if one sells many products and/or quickly builds a good active team from which one can earn too.
      Yes it takes work, lots of work, but one doesn’t have to spend any money at SFI – one can, but one doesn’t have to. And the work can become much less to do once one has a nice good active team.
      Build a good active SFI affiliate team, nicely support that team with tips and advice and encouragement to read, learn and work too, and/or make sales of the over 80 000 products, and one earns from that!
      If one is not so good at marketing then one can learn from the good and plenty of information available to read at SFI. SFI is all about reading, learning, working hard, and earning! If no or little reading, learning, or working hard takes place, then no or little money is made.
      It’s one’s OWN business being an affiliate at SFI – the more effort one puts in, the more one can earn. But it takes time to grow a good active team, and takes time to do marketing. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. What it is, however, is free to do! Other than time and Internet data time.
      I find it a fun way to earn some extra income – there are games and contests and auctions etc that one can participate in to try win prizes that can help one advance a little more quickly.
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/15885870
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    2. Dear Farreel,
      I differ from your comment about SFI. I have been in SFI since the 15th December 2015 and currently have a team of 372 affiliates who are working in SFI for common team goals. Some are inactive; they want money immediately after joining SFI without putting in any effort. In my view, work is worship; when we do work favourable results definitely come.

      I have learnt a lot during my SFI career i.e. internet business concept, affiliate program, how can we earn money, advertising on website/s; sharing thoughts and communicating with my team; and much more.

      I am very grateful for my sponsor, co-sponsor, a2a friends, and upline team leaders who are always ready to guide and support me if I have doubts or difficulties.

      I am still learning at SFI, but while I learn I try to grow and support my downline too.

      We should never lose hope.

      Learning is Earning..
      Aim High, Dream Big…

      Thanks, and Regards,
      Pradeep Srivastava

      I live in India – SFI is a worldwide opportunity.
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/16553481
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    3. Hi Farreel

      SFI does not deliver success to whoever joins their program for the sake of them joining, but does supply the environment,training and support to anyone that’s willing to learn new skills, be part of a team and to support and pass on knowledge to other new members that want to create an additional income or ultimately replace their current income.

      I have personally been involved in several opportunities and have spent many nights doing presentations at peoples home and losing a lot of friends and acquaintances due to having been instructed to call everyone on my phone list with each new opportunity I got involved in. Needless to say, it didnt work out until I got involved with SFI.

      SFI utilizes the internet and I have not called a single family member or friend since starting this business and I have grown my SFI business larger than any of the other “opportunities” I was previously involved in and I have learned quite a few new skills along the way on how to make the internet make money for me on a global scale.

      To make a success in SFI requires some work and dedication, just like any other real business and that is what SFI is. I hope you will reconsider SFI and join the SFI family then you can do your due diligence from the inside and it wont cost you a cent as joining SFI is FREE.

      SFI is more than a business, it is a worldwide community that strives to help each other achieve success regardless of race, being male or female, culture or borders.

      Hope to see you soon in our community,


      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/16995240
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    4. Hi Farreel
      I’m really sorry that it didn’t work out for your dad as he expected. I’m an SFI affiliate for more than a year now and very satisfied with my SFI business.
      There is a lot of information to be read and training sessions that are all free to read, use and learn. The nice thing about the training lessons is that you can use the information in all spheres of internet marketing, not only in your SFI business.
      After joining SFI it was really refreshing to actually know that you have different kinds of support from SFI as well as from your up-line. There are several different ways that you can communicate and the best is that you know there is a live person for support and advice. YOU’RE NOT ALONE THERE.
      I’ve tried a bunch of other online working from home opportunities, before I became an SFI affiliate and believe me there are a lot of scammers and unethical people outside on the internet. They all promise you a lot of things and afterwards, you have nothing left.
      With SFI it was very different for me. First of all, I joined free and after a few months I received my first commissions. This didn’t happen with any of the other “opportunities” that I’ve tried and I was impressed. No questions asked, no waiting for months. My commissions were paid in on the date that I expected.
      SFI is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work hard in your SFI business. It is hard work and it takes time to build a strong team, but the time and effort are definitely worthwhile. SFI is definitely working for me!
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/16073388
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    5. Hi Farreel.
      Thank you for your honest comment.
      Nice character of your Dad who is prepared to work very hard. I was in a similar situation of doubt at some stage, because of my expectations to earn income quickly! I found that SFI’s vision is to firstly help you to create a strong business foundation. That takes time. I don’t believe in a quick rich scheme anyway.
      Secondly, you have to go through a learning process, gaining knowledge, Seek upline advice from your SFI Sponsor and start building your Team. Team Building takes patience and patience means power.
      What I love about SFI is the constant support that I get from my Sponsor, Co-sponsor and SFI Friends. SFI is a Team Business, where you reach out, helping people all the time. I’m glad to say that my sponsor is actively helping me to build my team successfully!
      It’s hard, challenging work, but it’s also about having fun with all sorts of games and Auctions. I have found that with the minimum money that I spend monthly, SFI is positioning me to gain a lot of knowledge and expertise to build my SFI Business. Maybe, Farreel, I want to challenge you to give SFI a try yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose, and might be in a position to work smart, not hard, so that you can support your Dad on how to run and manage an SFI Business effectively, because you sound like a very intelligent young man!
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/17144071
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    6. Farreel, criticism is very good whether it’s positive or negative so you did exactly what any concerned son would do and I applaud you for that. Although I have to add that maybe you must not be so quick to judge if you have not been in the programme yourself, on the contrary if your Dad read the training material in SFI, he would have known that joining SFI because he is jobless will not work because it is not a quick fix.

      SFI is an online business, one that you must grow patiently as you would any other business, he should have known that he would not be able to support himself from the word go, it does not work like that.

      It is free to join SFI, maybe you must open an account just to see the inside for yourself, read the rules, read the training and you will see for yourself.

      All the best
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here: http://www.joinmySFIteam.com/16660544
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

    7. Hi Farreel.
      Sorry to hear your dad did not make it at SFi but I think he joined the wrong business if he was out of work and had no money.
      SFI is a place where an individual can start his own business using the SFI framework and shop (TripleClicks)
      SFI offers free training and shows you how to go about an internet business in a very structured and formulated way.
      As SFI is not a get rich quick business where you will start earning money from day 1 it will take a while to get through the learning process and then to build your team, make sales, and, if you want to, become an Ecommerce Associate and get your online shop registered, set up and operating.
      To really earn money SFI is no different to any start up business where you need some start up capital and/or have to build your client base or advertise your products etc before you earn any money – and this can take time – and if you have been working hard then year two may be the time that better money starts coming in.
      If I were you I would rather talk to your Dad and get him to continue with the business until he has built up what is required to make money with the system.
      I may be one of the lucky ones that have a second income which has given me time to build up my SFI business without having to rely on only it to keep me in food etc.
      Best of luck for the future.
      People can learn more and join MY SFI team here:
      – if deciding to join, simply click the “Sign up FREE!” green button on that page.

  4. Hi looking for opportunities to make extra money as my current job is not paying what I expected as of yet, so would like to do a few extra things on the side and who knows maybe even become a businessman through this the world is full of opportunities just need to search for them and you will find them, I know I will just takes a little time in finding them but I will be successful.

    I want to give my daughter the life I didn’t have as my Dad was the bread winner for our family we were 4 kids and I know he did his best for us as well as my Mom baking cakes ,cooking for weddings etc, and I’m grateful but I want to offer more for my Daughter I want it not only for her but for myself to and as much as I’m battling I’ll beat this bumpy road I’m on and will be successful all I need is opportunities.

    Regards Mario Alves Couto

    1. Hi Mario

      I’m touched by your story. I’m a new mom and my current job keeps me so busy. I am also looking to try new ideas to make some extra money, but my ultimate goal is to work from home and make enough money to take care of my family and also to buy back my time so I can be where I need to be when I need to be for my family.

      Hang in there. Don’t give up.

      All the best

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