Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

If you live in South Africa and need SMALL DRIFTWOOD PIECES for your driftwood decor projects or craft projects, then visit our driftwoodforsale.co.za site.
For BEACH HOUSE WALL DECOR in South Africa, see our beachy.co.za site.

How Do You Make Money With Your Own Website?

Did you think our own website was here just for fun? We make money with our own website. You can make money with your own website too.

How we make money from our own website should give you ideas of how to make money with your own website:

Website set-up for R300

Website set-up for R300

Products. We sell some products from our website. Even though we sell our craft market products at local flea markets or craft markets in and around East London from time to time, we also sell these craft market products from our website. This means that we display photos and information about our products. We reach a wider audience like this. It is not only the people visiting our stand at the flea markets or craft markets that we go to that see our products. Anyone visiting our site from anywhere in the world can see photos and information about our craft market products. They can contact us about ordering our products from us.

Services. We work from home offering a wide variety of website or Internet related services. People visiting our site can see which service they need, and can hire us if they’re happy with the price.

Saving Time. Time is money, and thus saving time allows us to earn more. People who contact us offline or even via email if they have not yet been to visit our site or haven’t viewed the correct page on our site can be directed to the correct pages to learn more about the products or services they are interested in.

Monetizing our site with ads.
We use our own ads or links on some of our pages to direct people to even more pages on our site, or to our products or services pages. We often place these links on our most frequently visited website pages. We also monetize our site with Adsense ads.

Linking to other sites where we make money.
We sometimes place links to online writing sites within the text content area of some of our site’s pages. We often place these links on our most frequently visited website pages. Sometimes these links have a referral code in them, meaning we will earn something if somebody clicks them and then joins the writing site, or does some other action like after joining submits their articles to that online writing site. Or we sometimes just link to an article we’ve written on those online writing sites, articles that we earn from when they are viewed.

Now for the tricky part:

We can do all of the above and earn nothing or very little if we don’t also market our website in order to get lots of people visiting it.

Marketing a website can be done offline or online or both. Good Search Engine Optimization techniques used on a website can also help it market itself, as can frequently adding new pages of lots of text content to a website.

Marketing a website can be costly or can take a long time, or can be on-going, or can be all three.

How do you make money with your own website?

Sell a product, offer a service, save time, monetize it with links and ads, link to other sites you belong to where that linking may earn you something if the clicker visits those sites, frequently add lots of new pages of text content to your site, use good Search Engine Optimization techniques, and market your site like crazy – using offline or online website marketing techniques or free or expensive website marketing techniques.

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