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Hire Out Your Garden as a Kids Party Venue

Hire out your garden as a kids party venue if you have a medium sized or large garden you are proud of, and you’d like to earn extra income or work from home.

Of course if the kids attending a party at your kids party venue are very young, and you don’t want a bunch of super-energized kids, dizzy on a sugar high dashing and sprawling through your favourite flower bed, you’d have to first make sure you have the kind of garden that is child friendly, or turn your garden into a child friendly garden first.

Sound daunting? Why hire out your garden as a kids party venue if you don’t feel up to tackling the issues that may come with this venture?

Well, because you’re nice, and you’d like to help those South African parents that don’t have a great garden of their own, or much money, but who want to spoil their kid on their kid’s special day, by throwing them an outdoor party. They may be unable to take all the birthday party guests to a movie, to a restaurant, or to play paintball. They may not stay near the beach or near a park, and their house or apartment is too small for a fun birthday party.

Also, if you hire out your garden as a kids party venue you can make money from birthday parties in other ways too:

Of course your garden can cater to those who do have a bit more money to spend too, and you may consider selling something at these kids birthday parties. Younger kids, in particular, usually have their parents towing along when it comes to kids birthday parties.

Have a little table or area outdoors or on your patio where you can display what it is you sell – try keep these items related to the garden. Sell some potted plants or seedlings, packets of seeds, seeds you’ve collected from your own flowers dropping seed in your garden, bunches of fresh flowers, bunches of fresh greenery, little handmade garden ornaments, homemade herb creams and teas, decorated flower pots, fresh herbs, and anything you can think of or that you enjoy making that relates to the garden or gardening.

Consider also selling tea and coffee to the parents, or some savoury muffins you made, using herbs from your own garden.

If you don’t have outdoor play equipment in your garden, or a pool, trampoline, or sandpit, also consider supplying the birthday party child’s parents with a list of party games the kids can play.

Sell party packs for both children and parents, take photographs that you can sell to the parents of the birthday boy or girl, and even charge for arranging party games and supplying prizes.

Sometimes there will be those parents who cannot afford the extras, so don’t make the extras compulsory. Parents can choose which extras they want when they contact you to book your garden as a kids birthday party venue.

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