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Sell Greenery From Your Garden to a Florist or at a Flea Market

Leaves. In and from your Garden. Sell greenery from your garden to a florist or at a flea market. Make money from your garden. Selling greenery from your garden at a flea market, from home, or to a florist does not mean you only have to sell green leaves. You can sell purple leaves, orange leaves, pale pink leaves, autumn leaves, maroon leaves, silver leaves or any colour leaves that are available in your garden.

The leaves need to be fresh, healthy, and generally in good condition, but certainly don’t need to be all one size or from just one bush or tree. Speaking of sizes, too small is not a good idea for individual leaves, but a frond or branch of small leaves could look great in a flower arrangement.

Some people can get away with making gorgeous flower arrangements that contain only flowers, even flowers where the stems have been stripped of all their leaves, but, generally, leaves or ferns in a flower arrangement add that perfect and complimentary finishing touch to a flower arrangement.

Gather an assortment of different leaves from your garden, and then either bunch them together in almost a basic arrangement of your own, and sell them at a flea market, or, also include some bunches where the only friends the leaves in each bunch have with them, are leaves that look just like them.

Collect and use long thin spindly leaves, large lengthy ones like strelitzia leaves, large roundish ones, ferns, and small branches. Also use creepers and vines.

Approach a few florists and tell them what trees and shrubs you have in your garden, and how often you could supply them with greenery, and how much greenery if the florists are interested in purchasing greenery from you.

It will be a bonus if you have large shrubs and trees that will produce a great supply of greenery all year round, so that you don’t have to continuously plant new shrubs and trees in your garden to replace the ones you strip bare – stripping a healthy shrub or tree totally bare isn’t nice – give the plant some appreciation for assisting you to make money from your garden. Even plant some more of its kind near it for company. And hug your shrubs and trees once in a while, too. Talk to them, at least.

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