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20 Work From Home Ideas for Moms

If looking for work from home ideas for moms you must be looking for something specific, because why would work from home ideas for moms be any different from work from home ideas for anybody wanting to work from home?

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Well, moms are a bit different from people who are not moms or not yet moms.

While other work from home ideas might suit both the young and old, male or female, and computer literate or non-computer literate members of the population, not all work from home ideas will suit moms, or if they do (suit moms) will not be as manageable or enjoyable by moms.

It is very important that busy moms easily manage and enjoy what it is they do from home to earn extra income or a living. If the work is not enjoyable or at least easily manageable, moms may struggle to earn anything decent from their efforts.

So, what kinds of work from home ideas would moms most likely find more manageable than other work from home ideas?

1 )
Giving afternoon, weekend or school holiday time classes to children of similar age to their own children – perhaps craft classes, flower arranging classes, baking classes, make-up classes, gardening classes, handyman classes

2 )
After-school care or school homework supervision

3 )
Buy and sell good quality second hand school text books and childrens’ books

4 )
Internet research services – moms are already either used to assisting their children with Internet research or have taught their children how to do Internet research, so why not offer Internet research services to businesses or people needing to save some time?

5 )
A service that can be done on the way to school in the morning or on the way back home, or again in the afternoon when collecting children from school – grocery shopping service for people in the area or along the school route, returning rented dvds to the dvd rental store

6 )
Baking cake sale and school events cakes, eats, savories and other goodies – let all the moms know that they don’t have to go to the trouble of baking for cake sale or school events as they can just order from you

7 )
Using a computer to make perfectly sized book cover pictures with labels for filling in subject, name and grade – pictures that can just be inserted into the front of ready-made plastic book covers, or even stuck down onto the book front cover first

8 )
Sewing name tags onto school children’s clothing

9 )
Making healthy school lunch packs and either taking the lunch packs to school when you drop off your own children and the children whose parents have ordered from you can just collect their lunch packs at your car, or parents can fetch the lunch packs at your home late in the afternoons

10 )
Become a kiddies party planner, or organizer or provide themed cakes and party packs

11 )
Make and sell homemade toys – dolls’ clothing, dolls’ furniture, soft toys, rattles, mobiles

12 )
Make pureed vegetables for babies and freeze in handy disposable containers

13 )
Make homemade bibs and homemade baby clothing

14 )
Make homemade funky jewellery for teenagers, and interesting bright beanies and scarves

15 )
Supply all the tuckshops of the schools in your area with homemade frozen ices or health biscuits

16 )
Good with a camera? Take photos at school sports’ matches and other school events and sell the photos to the parents

17 )
Make small brightly decorated simple paper mache’ shelving for kids to store their computer games in

18 )
Make or source matric farewell dresses

19 )
Give children in lower grades than yours extra lessons

20 )
Make homemade pencil bags

ps, many of these work from home ideas may suit other people too, but may particularly suit moms as most of the ideas are things moms are already familiar with.

Disclaimer: These work from home ideas for moms are meant to be informative only. Be sure to check if any licences are needed for any of the ideas, or if there are any rules pertaining to any of the ideas in the area in which you live, and also check with schools if you are going to be selling something on school property or marketing your products or services to parents at schools.

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