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80 Ideas For Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market

We have already listed 30 Ideas for Products You Can Sell at a Flea Market or Craft Market, as well as 20 Ideas On What To Sell at a Flea Market, but those ideas were mostly just thought of.

What we’d like to do here, further below, is list 80 ideas for products you can sell at a flea market or craft market based on products we’ve actually seen for sale at flea markets or craft markets in or close to East London in South Africa.

Important Note 1 of 3:
Of course listing flea market or craft market products we’ve already seen for sale does not mean that these products sell well, or that you should make or sell the exact same products – actually that’s not even a good idea as many market organizers won’t even allow two products too similar at the same market.

Selling at East London beachfront flea market

Selling at East London beachfront flea market

Important Note 2 of 3:
The main idea here is to simply give you a list of ideas. These ideas should help spark your imagination to come up with your own list of perhaps slightly similar products to sell at a market, while being careful not to make or sell something too similar, which wouldn’t be good for you anyway.

Important Note 3 of 3:
Besides some market organizers not allowing you to sell at their markets due to an existing similar product already being sold at their market, you would also have competition you’d have to beat (in East London anyway) in order to make a decent income from your flea market or craft market sales.

herbs and paintings

herbs and paintings

So, in fact, perhaps the list is more of a list of what not to sell if you’re in the East London area and planning on going to some local markets – but it should help give you some ideas anyway.

Also remember that while one can sell nearly anything at a flea market, only certain types of products are allowed to be sold at a craft market.

Let’s go!

List of 80 things we’ve seen for sale at flea markets or craft markets in or close to East London in South Africa:

glasses cut from old beer bottles

glasses cut from old beer bottles

glasses cut from old beer bottles (one of our own products)
sea glass (also one of our own products)
indoor mobiles
outdoor mobiles
toys and games – bought or homemade
black and white photos
second hand books
second hand crockery
second hand pots and pans
second hand ornaments
second hand vases
second hand tools
brown sea glass necklace

brown sea glass necklace

framed mirrors
photo frames
loads of different types of jewellery
jewellery boxes
clothing – homemade or bought
accessories – belts, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, bags, purses, sarongs
essential oils
skin lotion
flowering air plant

flowering air plant

dog beds
dog jackets
dog blankets
pot plant containers
small young trees
dried herbs
herb plants
dolls furniture
greeting cards
gift tags
hats of all types
cellphone covers
peg bags
sausage dog draft excluder

sausage dog draft excluder

toilet roll holders
oven mitts
baby booties
baby blankets

boerewors rolls
spare rib rolls or burgers
cheese griller rolls
russian sausage rolls
hot dogs
sliced fried potato on sticks
homemade pies
sweets – homemade or bought
homemade uncooked pasta
homemade muesli and other cereals

market at Yellowwood Forest Campsite Morgan Bay

market at Yellowwood Forest Campsite Morgan Bay

candy floss
fresh vegetables and fruits
dried fruit
homemade bread

Selling at Eagles Ridge Country House in Stutterheim

Selling at Eagles Ridge Country House in Stutterheim

Be sure to check what you are allowed to sell at certain markets, and if you’ll need a health or food selling permit or licence, and if so, you’ll need to apply for and get one from your local municipality.

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Even though you would have more competition and marketing would take up a lot of time or be expensive, you could also consider selling any flea market or craft market product you like from your own website. Website packages starting at just R300 once-off plus R120 for .co.za domain (renewable yearly) and R400 for hosting (renewable yearly) – or get your own domain and hosting, and just get the R300 website set-up through us.

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  1. Hi.im 62 and want to join in on the flea market family. I dont know where to start. I want to sell lambmeat hamburgers. I believe in my heart its a good idea. I please would like to hear from you. Thanx from Susan

    1. Hi Susan – because it’s food you want to sell at markets you will need to check with your local municipality what licence you need. Then make sure everything is in order for you to receive your licence, get your licence, then look for markets in your area, contact the organizers, pay the stall fee, and rock up at the market/s nice and early to set up for trading!

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