Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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East London

Christmas Markets in South Africa – in East London

Busy Yellowwood Forest Market in Morgan Bay - at a Christmas Market at Yellowwood Forest on 23 December 2014

Christmas markets in South Africa start during November, sometimes even as early as late October. Who does their shopping at Christmas markets in South Africa? Shoppers looking for something different or handmade for themselves or as a Christmas gift, or even gift shop or home decor shop owners who wish to stock their shop up with some special items ahead of Christmas. SEE THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS LIST FURTHER BELOW!

Sanook – Sanuk – Fun – Good Times

a small part of Sanook restaurant in Berea

Doesn’t matter how you spell it, here in East London, it all applies at Sanook Cafe, in Berea East London, South Africa. The Sanook/Sanuk/fun/Good Times begin when trying to find Sanook. It IS on Chamberlain Road. But it is also kind of stuck away. To get to the most Sanook/Sanuk/fun/Good Times restaurant in East London, you do need to drive slowly, and study the signage. Once you find the Sanook signage, you won’t miss it ever again. There are …

Sanook Menu Delights – Fun Time Eating Out in Berea in East London

edge of pizza crust

The fun delights of the Sanook menu: A fun time at Sanook cafe in Berea in East London was our next choice for an outing using one of my recent East London photography competition prizes – a Sanook meal voucher to the value of R250. We went to eat out at Sanook in Berea on Saturday evening, 28 March 2015. Since I’ve already mentioned a Sanook meal voucher, I’ll move onto the cost of our eating out at Sanook – for the …

Cafe Bella Review – Cafe Bella at Hemingways in East London

Cafe Bella restaurant at Hemingways or at Retail Park in Beacon Bay, or Sanook restaurant in Berea? Where to eat out in East London? Well, our choice of restaurants in East London came down to just two: Cafe Bella at Hemingways or Sanook in Berea. Why just these two East London restaurants? It had to be either Cafe Bella or Sanook as I wanted to cash in on one of two meal vouchers I’d won as prizes in a recent East London photography competition. Prior to earlier this evening, Tony and I had been to neither of …

1 Nahoon Point parkrun 2 Nahoon Point parkrun Runs in East London

almost at the finish of the Nahoon Point parkrun

After my 1st Nahoon Point parkrun I just had to do another. Now it’s 2 Nahoon Point parkrun runs down and many more to go! My first Nahoon Point parkrun was a week ago, the 136th one, on 14 March 2015, and this morning I did my second Nahoon Point parkrun, the 137th one. I cannot recall what made me suddenly decide to start doing some Nahoon Point parkrun runs. Perhaps it’s because my eldest son has now done 39 Sunrise on Sea parkrun runs, and because I used to run a lot in my younger years, and …

Buffalo City 360 Photography Competition in East London – I Did Well!

2nd place in the Buffalo City 360 photography competition print entries section in the pets and animals category for the month of February in 2015

A photography competition isn’t much of a photography competition without some prizes or at least recognition for the photographers. The prize giving event for the 4th Buffalo City My360 photography competition was recently held in East London – and the organizers and sponsors were generous with giving out fantastic prizes. I’m happy and proud to announce that I received 3 of the 28 My360 photography competition prizes! My Buffalo City 360 photography competition placings and prizes:

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