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20 Ideas on What to Sell at a Flea Market

What to sell at a flea market? Many people have wonderful ideas and make beautiful handcrafted products or gifts, but fall short when it comes to effectively and cheaply advertising what it is that they do. If you sell at a flea market, a spot at a flea market or craft market does not cost much, and your products don’t need advertising. People visit flea markets anyway.

Website set-up for R300

Website set-up for R300

Go sell at a flea market. You just need to be there and your products will get seen. You can even share the cost of the flea market stand with a friend or two, the first few times, or always.

A good idea is to also use a small part of your weekend or Sunday morning flea market stand to advertise what else it is that you do or sell during the week. Or, if you don’t do anything else, at least to let people who are interested in your products at the flea market know how they can contact you during the week.

Of course you can sell these items at home too, or only at home, instead of at a flea market.

List of 20 Ideas on what to get or make,
and then sell at a flea market or craft market

Sell Other People’s Products
Perhaps not everybody has the time or desire to sit at a flea market, and they may welcome the extra sales you can make for them. Sell any items that other people are buying and selling, or making and selling, for them, for a commission. Sometimes you only have to pay the supplier after you’ve sold the items.

Clothing for dolls
Use scraps of material to sew clothing for dolls. Sewing does not have to be perfect as long as you get creative. Add pretty frills; use fabric pens to write cute slogans on dolls t-shirts.

Clothing and Accessories for Dogs
Make dog jackets, dog beds, dog cushions and dog blankets. Embroider cute sayings onto the dog jackets. Make sets of clothing and accessories using the same colour materials.

Buy and Sell Second Hand Clothes
People outgrow, or no longer need or want good quality clothing. People like to save money and will buy second hand clothing if it’s in good condition. Make use of this.

Buy cheap bags and decorate them with embroidery, ribbon, tassels, or fabric paints. Sew, knit or crochet your own bags. Make purses, handbags, beach bags, sports bags and grocery bags.

Dolls’ Houses
Make dolls houses in two or three sizes and with different prices. Make the dolls houses from wood or from pieces of larger cardboard boxes that you reinforce with paper mache.

Decorated Shoelaces
Tie-dye, fabric paint or embroider plain white shoelaces. Perhaps do the same to plain white socks and cheap plain white takkies, and sell them as sets.

Tie-dyed T-Shirts
Tie dye t-shirts for young and old. Offer a variety of sizes, and use different tie-dye techniques and colours. Tie-dye long-sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts too.

Homemade Clothes
Sew clothes using regular materials, or using unusual materials like towels and hessian. Be funky by sewing large visible stitches – and more quickly – by using unusual thread such as string, wool, crochet cotton or embroidery thread.

Some ferns, shrubs and trees have beautifully coloured leaves. Collect small branches or huge single leaves that buyers can display in their homes, or that buyers or florists may wish to add to flower arrangements.

Flower Arrangements
Get creative with flowers, leaves, ferns, grasses and ribbons, and make and sell your own flower arrangements.

Dried Flowers and Grasses
Hang fresh bunches of flowers or grasses upside down, to avoid drooping of leaves or blossoms. This is also a good idea for fresh flowers or grasses you weren’t able to sell on a particular day, so that you can still sell them later.

Dye Long Dry Grasses
Use food colouring or clothing dyes to dye long dry grasses. Buyers can choose bunches in colours that complement their interior décor.

Sell trays of 6 or 12 flower seedlings. Sell annuals or perennials. Buy seedlings in bulk, or buy packets of seeds. Choose shrub or flower varieties that grow easily. Read the information on the seed packets.

Sell herb seedlings, individual herb plants in pots, fresh herbs or dried herbs and teas. Consider making homemade ointments from some of the herbs too, like comfrey cream.

Decorated Flower Pots
Cover cheap plastic flower pots in materials or wrap string or sisal around them. Use a strong glue to glue on small cute items, even small pebbles or shells, or paint the flower pots.

Garden Signs and Ornaments
Make small wooden signs with cute sayings. Varnish them to protect them from age and rain. Make garden ornaments out of appropriately shaped small rocks, driftwood, or branches.

Hanging Flower Baskets
Make hanging baskets of different sizes using wire, sisal, rope or string. You may want to include a flowering plant as well.

Bird Feeders
Make standing or hanging bird feeders from wood, branches, bamboo, or plastics.

Wooden Post Boxes
Make unique and attractive post boxes that can either hang or stand at a front gate or front wall. Sell separate small house numbers that can be attached to the post boxes.

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These ideas are for information and idea purposes only. Please check laws and regulations regards what products you are allowed to sell at a flea market or from home, as well as any legal requirements for labelling or packaging, and for including declaration of ingredients or safety warnings on labelling or packaging. We absolve ourselves from any issues related to you using any of these ideas.

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