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Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.


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List of 301 Work From Home Ideas

An alphabetical list of 301 work from home ideas will give you many work from home ideas, as ideas should give you more work from home ideas as they make you think.

Start your own business, work from home, or earn an extra income from home!

If you have looked long and hard for a job, but can’t find a job, become self employed instead.

Use these work from home ideas, in the alphabetical list below, to start your own home business.

Although it can be tough, working hard at your own home business can be very rewarding.

And at least you will have a job or will be earning extra income.

Alphabetical List of 301 Work From Home Ideas

Start your own home business! Become self employed!
Earn extra income!

• accommodation agent
• adsense
• advertising agent
• advertising ad sheets
• advertising maps
• aerobics

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• after-school centre
• auction business
• auto tune up shop
• auto wash

• baby sitting
• badges
• baking cakes & pies & tarts & biscuits
• bar accessories
• bartering club
• basketry
• be a clown at kids birthday parties
• beadwork
• beauty salon
• bed and breakfast
• bee-keeping
• beverages
• batteries – charging
• bicycle repairs
• bicycle rental
• biltong
• bird feeders
• blanket jackets
• blogging
• board games
• boarding house
• bonsai
• bookbinding
• bookkeeping
• boomerangs
• braais
• build treehouses
• build walls
• build wendyhouses
• bulletin board business
• bumper stickers
• business consulting service
• business financing service
• business plans
• buttons
• buy and sell (second hand, or just about anything)

• calligraphy
• cameo brooches
• camera profits making money with your camera
• candles
• candy floss
• car valet
• cards and posters
• carpet cleaning
• catering
• cement casting
• cheese and butter
• children – gifts for children
• children – organize activities at parties
• chocolates & sweets
• christmas decorations
• cleaning products
• clip art business
• clocks
• clothes making
• clothes stands metal & wood
• clothing – 2nd hand
• clothing – new
• clothing alterations
• compost
• computer consultant
• computer repairs
• computer tutor
• concrete bricks and blocks
• corncob pipes
• corsages
• courier services
• child care centre
• craft kits
• craft classes for children
• credit and debt counselling service
• crochet
• cultivation of vegetables
• cut bottle items
• cutlery

• dance classes
• date reminder services
• day care service
• debt collection
• decorated eggs
• desk top publishing
• dinner gongs
• discount cards
• dog breeding
• dog training
• door stops
• dolls clothing
• dolls house furniture
• domestic agency
• doorstops metal & wood
• dried flowers
• driftwood – 75 Driftwood Uses
• dry wors

• earthworms
• easter eggs
• eggcups
• electro-plating
• enameling
• engraving
• errand service
• expo and seminars
• exterior decorating

• family trees
• fencing wooden & electric & mesh & metal panels
• fireplace accessories – log holders & pokers & screens & starter packs & tongs
• firewood & coal
• first aid kit motorist & home & outdoors
• flea market
• flower arrangements
• food stalls – potato salad & burgers & hot dogs & vetkoek
• freebie ad mags how to publish
• freelance writer
• frozen meals
• fruit and veg -deliveries & sales
• fur toys
• furniture -making chairs & dressers & kists & tables
• furniture restoration

• garden furniture & gimmicks & markers
• garden services
• gates
• gift baskets & hampers
• glass
• gourds – decorative
• grocery shopping

• hammocks
• handmade items
• handmade paper
• handyman services
• hanging baskets
• hats and caps
• heraldry panels (coat of arms)
• herbs – cosmetic preparations
• herbs – culinary mixtures
• herbs – make/sell medicinal compounds, eg comfrey ointment
• herbs plants
• house inspections
• homemade pasta
• home based typing service
• home made booklets
• home staging
• house and flat cleaning service
• horns (trumpets)
• house numbers & names
• house sitting

• intercom systems
• interior decorating
• Internet marketing
• Internet research
• items point of sale – sweets

• jackets and waistcoats sheepskin & leather
• jewellery boxes & caskets & holders
• jewellery making

• key rings
• kit clothing
• kites

• lamp shades
• lamps
• landscaping
• laundry service
• leather
• locksmith mobile

• maid service
• make money on the internet
• making money with your car
• lucky dips & party packs
• magic tricks
• mail order
• marionettes and figurines
• masks
• meal deliveries
• metal furniture & ornaments & sculpture
• mobile disco
• multi-level marketing
• mushrooms
• musical instruments – make for toddlers and young children

• needlework
• network marketing
• newsletter publishing
• newspaper clipping
• nursery – annuals & herbs & perennials & roses & seedling kits & seedlings & vegetables & cut flowers

• office maintenance
• office organizer
• origami
• overalls

• p.v.c. furniture
• pamphlet distribution
• paper knives
• paper recycling
• party crackers
• party planner
• pencil holders
• pergolas
• personal sports cards
• pet cages
• pet jackets
• pet salon
• pet-o-tel
• photo editing
• photo selling (sell your digital photos or your prints)
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• photo shoots (do family photo shoots at the beach or in the countryside)
• photo taking service – for parties, businesses, accommodation establishments etc
• pickles and preserves
• pickled onions
• picnic baskets
• picture framing
• placemats as advertising media
• plant & planter stands
• plants – selling plants and seedlings
• plaster of paris
• plaster of paris mouldings
• policies -
• porcelain dolls
• pot stands
• pots and pans – buy and sell second hand
• potato chips
• pottery
• printing broker
• private investigator
• processed vegetables
• proofreading
• producing – how to cd’s & how to videos
• pyrography (wood burning)

• quilt making

• recipe books
• referral service
• resin castings
• resumes preparing
• restoring china
• rocking chairs
• rocking horses & other animals
• roof cleaning
• rubber stamp business
• rug making

• salad servers
• samoosas
• sandboards – making and selling sandboards
• scrapbooking – give scrapbooking classes or offer scrapbooking services

Create amazing digital scrapbooks in minutes!

• second hand baby equipment
• second hand books
• secretarial services/business
• self improvement seminars
• self publishing for yourself
• sell information by mail
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service
• shade cloth products
• shampoo & toiletries
• shoe repairs
• shopping centre papers
• signposts
• singing telegrams
• silk-screening
• small stock farming chickens & rabbits
• snack platters
• soap
• soft furnishings cushions
• soft toys
• specialty breads
• sprouts
• stone polishing
• sun dials
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• taking out car licenses for others
• tax – income tax preparation
• teach – give classes from home on just about anything, sell informative or step-by-step-process ebooks you’ve written, create and then sell online courses, give lessons over the phone or on skype
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- if you feel you don’t know anything you could teach somebody else, then learn some things first!
• telephone answering service
• temporary help service
• terrariums
• tinplate work
• towel rails metal & wood
• translation
• transport
• travel agent
• tropical fish
• turned wooden items
• typesetting business
• typing service

• upholstery
• used cars and trucks

• vehicle make money with yours
• video or dvd rental shop
• video make money with yours -inventory – taping service – taping special events – taping weddings

• walking sticks
• weaving – mats
• website design
• wedding arrangements
• whittling
• window dressing
• window washing service
• wind vanes
• wire art
• wooden toys
Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry Download
• woodworking
• writing
- sell the articles you write, or
- online freelance writer – an unbelievable amount of writing opportunities exist for even beginners with little or no previous freelance writing experience
• writing articles
- make money writing online on online writing sites, or from your own website or blog.
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HubPages and WebAnswers
• yoghurt

Website set-up for R300

Website set-up for R300


With so many work from home ideas to choose from, there must be something you can do from home.

Some of these work from home ideas don’t even need any start up costs.

If working for a boss is not for you, or if you can’t find a job but need money or an extra income, you have no excuse – work from home.

Important: Remember that marketing of your business, no matter how small your home business is, is of the utmost importance. If you don’t have any or much money to advertise your products or services, there are free ways to advertise your home business, but it takes a lot of time and hard work. If you are determined to work from home, or to earn extra income from home, you need to be just as determined at working hard at advertising your home business. It is only if many people know about your products or services that you can expect to do well.

© copyright Teresa Schultz and Tony Flanigan 2008 to 2013

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  1. mavis says:

    I am a qualified English teacher. High school learners who struggle with reading and writing are often ignored by teachers at schools with overcrowded classes. These learners turn to drop out ofschool without any success. I am interested at helping them with these skills for them to be successful. How to start this?

    1. Teresa Schultz says:

      Hi Mavis – Advertising. Describe your business, how you can help your intended target market, and then advertise this a lot – online, offline, or both.

  2. Craig says:

    Would like to start making small wooden products from home.

  3. Evelyn Blignault says:

    Need info on typing services thank you

  4. jacqueline dreyer says:

    Need some info for a puzzle making business from home.
    If possible.

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